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Barry Lowe

Seven Card Studs

They were betting on his body. If He played his cards right, he’d have them all!

When Danny gets home from another heavy night at his job as barman/stripper, the last thing he needs is his dad’s homophobic mates and their weekly poker game, especially as his dad has gone out. However, they surprise him by inviting him to join their party. But do they have something more sinister in mind than just playing cards?

Seven Card Studs was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: pdf Pages / words

Gay, Group / Orgy / Menage, Drama

Heat rating: 5


“Well, if it isn’t Twinkle Toes,” Matt, the most attractive, most youthful and the most obnoxious of my dad’s mates, said when I stuck my head into the room.

 The other men around the table hooted.

 “Well, well,” I replied. “If it isn’t Matt, the man who likes to screw women in the butt and then make them suck his dick clean.”

 All eyes turned to him, his reddening face confirming what I’d just revealed.

 He tried to get the upper hand. “I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

 “Been there, done that.” I was not prepared to put up with any more of their games. My anger and frustration made me a formidable opponent that night.

 His mates laughed. I detected an undercurrent: perhaps Matt wasn’t as popular as he thought he was.

 “Where’s dad?”

 “Took off to visit Hannah,” Smitty said. “Something special going on there.”

 “A bit too special if you ask me. No happy endings for us tonight,” Soot complained.

 I heard the sound of boot connecting with shin under the table and a cry of pain from Soot. He glared at his mates. “Why d’you go and do that?”

 They pulled funny faces, miming that it wasn’t a fit subject to discuss in front of Hank’s son.

 I laughed. “It’s okay guys. I know all about what goes on here with Hannah.”

 They looked startled.

 “And, yeah, I know dad joins in as well.”

 They all relaxed to various degrees.

 “It doesn’t worry you?” Lew asked.

 “Why would it? He’s a grown man, can make his own decisions. Hannah’s a good-looking woman and, from what I’ve heard, she’s pretty hot stuff in the sex department.”

 There was general agreement on that.

 I’d never had a conversation this long with any of the guys before without them cursing me. Most of them, Matt being the notable exception, were treating me like one of the boys, including an invitation to join the game.

“I think I’m a bit under-dressed for the occasion,” I said, realizing I was still wearing my bar drag: workers’ boots, white socks rolled down, very tight and very brief black shorts, a set of tux cuffs around my wrists and a tux collar around my neck. “All the better to show off your body to the bar patrons,” the manager of Pure Class, the bar where I worked, said when I applied for the job. His leery look made it obvious I would need to show him a lot more of my body than I really felt comfortable with. But, I needed the work and it was easy enough to grit my teeth and suck his not insubstantial prick before he gave me my hours. I thought that would be the last of it but I soon discovered if you needed extra shifts, or to change with another barman, or you needed any little thing, you also needed to use your ass or your lips to ensure he would look favorably upon the request. The bar staff had another name for the premises, one that a disgruntled employee created by smashing the neon letters on the sign outside reducing the name to Pure Ass.