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Ooh! Ah! That’s the sound of the men working on the train gang.

Landon has just spent another miserable night at the bars. At the end of the night he finds himself devoid of his shoes, his wallet and any means of getting home or a warm bed for the night. He manages to catch the last train by jumping the turn style but ends up falling asleep, waking miles from home. With no chance of hitching a ride he sleeps curled up on a subway bench but he’s awoken by the savage blow of a sledge hammer next to his head. He looks up to find a brawny guy standing over him, sledge hammer raised.

Has Landon met a serial killer or the man of his dreams?

Tunnel Vision


I fell asleep to the sound of metal striking against the tracks, and smiled at the idea of a railway operatic anvil chorus. I woke up to the sound of an explosive clang of heavy metal right near my head. I opened my eyes and blinked, my head throbbing with the reverberations of the noise and the blow against the bench on which I was asleep. I gasped. Standing over me was a giant with a sledge hammer in his hands as if he was about to smack me in the head.

Adrenalin racing through my body I sat up. “Fuck!”

It took a few seconds for my heart rate to calm down and for my eyes to adjust from sleep to the dimly-lit platform and even longer for my brain to catch up with the rest of me. In that time the guy who was tall, but no giant, as I could now assess, ran his eyes from my face down my body. His face lit up.

“Been out partying?” he asked. “Fell asleep on the train?”

I was suddenly cold. “Happen a lot, does it?”

“You’d be surprised what washes up at the end of the line on a weekend.” The smile never left his face. He was good-looking in a rough sort of way, wearing a fluoro vest loosely, revealing a body filthy with grime and dirt, jeans that were almost as dirty, and reinforced boots – the sort that working men favor. His arms were thick with muscle, probably from heaving the solid looking hammer he now carried easily over his shoulder.

For some reason known only to the inner recesses of my brain, I decided to go with sarcasm. “So, what are you? Serial killer? Fag basher? Action star? Slumming male model?”

His hearty laugh echoed along the deserted platform. “You think I’m male model material, eh?”

His question gave me the opportunity to ogle him more openly from top to bottom than my initial examination when I first woke up. Short cropped hair with a distinct kink, color indeterminate because it was covered with dust and soot. Scruffy jaw from not shaving for a few days, bulging biceps, the left arm of which was bound with a barbed wire tattoo that extended part way down his arm. Nice smattering of dark fur on his pecs with a trail that snaked over his belly and disappeared beneath his belt, making me want to explore further. Nice package lay tucked in his jeans and I wished he’d turn around so I could get a glimpse of his ass. If it was as furry as his chest I would be in heaven if I could bury my face in his crack.

A chuckle made me look up. “Like what you see?” he smirked.

“Well, if you were naked I could give you a definitive answer.” I couldn’t believe I was letting my mouth run away with me. Before he could respond I shivered and sneezed loudly.

“Come on, mate,” he said, “Can’t have you catching pneumonia and dying on us.”

Without waiting for an answer, he headed toward the tunnel.

“Hey, where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” he said as he jumped off the end of the platform and disappeared into the open craw of the tunnel. I chased after him but not before noticing how well his butt filled the ass of his jeans. “Wait up.”

Shuddering with the thought that an early train might suddenly scream toward me, I jumped down and scrambled after him, losing my balance as stone ballast between the concrete sleepers bit into my bare feet. I tried hopping from sleeper to sleeper but they were hard to make out in the darkness, especially as my attention was more focused on watching out for an unexpected train that would spread my body parts for the next mile or two. I had no idea of the time, whether an early morning train was due at any moment or if it was still the middle of the night.

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