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Sometimes bad boys are just freaks.

The men in this collection of stories from Cain Berlinger have an unusual take on the world of sex and pleasure.

Freaks includes the following stories – Inside the box; Erik harbors a dark side, his sexual fascination for homeless black men, The Man Who Loved BJs; BJs are the love of Kevin’s life; Bewitched; sees Sam’s obsession with his ex lead him to conjure up an exact copy. The Devil and Mr. Jones; Nothing has prepared Mr. Jones for sex in Hell, March Wyndam; Prophet, Messiah, and impossible to resist,  Simon Sez: Kill; Sterling does not recognize the voices in his head. Channing does. His name is Simon, Just Call My Name; Peter’s got an addiction to a mad man, Memories; Milo's life is spiraling out of control; Morphine; Follow Arthur down a path of terror, violence and sexual deviancy; They Say; Peyton hates to disappoint his sex partners. Dead men don't complain – all of which were previously published as individual eBooks by loveyoudivine Alterotica

eBook Cover Price: 8.99

280 pdf Pages /  65300 words

Gay, BDSM, Fetish, Erotic Fantasy

Heat rating: 5


"Hey man excuse me sir. I'm cold and hungry and I don't have a place to sleep think you could help me out?"

Franz turned abruptly toward the voice. The dialogue was the same except this time it came in the tone of a beautifully modulated voice that reminded him of the tenor he had heard earlier in the Met. What else was different was that the plea was in German and the man was the color of rich caramel.

Huddled in the doorway of one of Fifth Avenue’s fashionable stores, under piles of plastic bags was a disheveled man with matted dreads and an extremely dirty face. His clothes were ripped in places that showed bare flesh as dirty as his face. However like jewels beneath mud water his eyes shone. The eyes and the voice transfixed Franz and he stared back at the man before responding in German.

"Are you German? Why are you here?" Franz stepped toward the doorway to see better. Under the layers of clothing and dirt the man was relatively young.

"Yes I am German like yourself a child of the war. Black soldier dad, German mom. And I'm here because I have nowhere else to sleep. My story is long and common so I won't bore you. It's cold and I think it’s going to rain. You've got a home to go to and I'm hungry. Got any change?" The young man shifted against the doorway and held out his dirty hand.

Franz looked around at the nearly deserted street feeling the night chill working its dampness through his wool coat. He quickly sized up the man. Handsome when scrubbed he was sure, and what he could see of his body was satisfactory. German negro, probably uncut. Franz reached into his pocket and pulled out a few dollars and handed them to the homeless man.

"Where will you eat?" he asked, suddenly curious where this man could go with all his plastic bags and unkempt appearance. All the while wondering if he was in the mood for some fun.

"There's plenty of cheap diners around. Maybe I can even get into a shelter. But it’s late so they might be all filled up. This being the holidays and all." The young man stuffed the bills into his pocket without looking at the amount.

Franz turned again toward the streets, noticing the Christmas lights as if for the first time. He never paid attention to the season and now it had taken on a whole new appearance. The holiday came home to him in an inspirational moment and he stepped out of character, deciding to make this homeless countryman his Christmas charity.

"You’re right. I live a few blocks away. Would you consider coming home with me?" He surprised himself once he said it and immediately wished he could take it back. But already said, he was not going to rescind the offer.

"Are you crazy man? I'm no charity. Find yourself another sucker. You go on now. Leave me alone. Thanks for the cash. Have a nice life. You made your good deed offer now get the hell out here and let me sleep." The young man curled back inside his mountain of bags.

Franz suddenly angry, turned and walked away, relieved that his offer had been declined. It started to rain as Franz pulled his coat tighter around him and hurried across the avenue toward his building.

Jack the doorman, held the door open and smiled benignly at Franz. He pushed the button in the elevator that would take him into the sanctity of his penthouse. Once home, he undressed quickly, eager to get out of the restraining tuxedo. As he stood under the shower he lathered his muscled body until it was white with foam. He cupped his huge balls in the palm of his hand, comfortable with their weight. Liking the way his body felt, suddenly he got horny.

He thought again about the homeless man. The face was clear to him and he mentally washed the soot and grime away and tried to picture him naked. Pleased with the fantasy, he rinsed and stepped out of the shower.

Standing in the window he rubbed the towel through his thick blonde hair and across his back. The city sparkled below him and he never got over its richness. It was raining hard now, icy drops that coated the streets with a mirror like shine. "Damn!" He muttered to himself before grabbing a pair of jeans out the closet. He threw on his polo shirt and struggled into a pair of boots. Pulling his jacket around him he grabbed his keys off the hall table and scurried out the door toward the elevator.

It took a few minutes before he was able to find the young man again. He reached angrily past the mountain of plastic bags until he grasped the collar of the homeless man and yanked him through the clutter.

"It’s cold, wet and rainy. It's the holidays and I'm alone and so are you. Why not come over to my place clean up and get a good meal...