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Welts rose over the boy's marred back. The slave's body trembled with fear, pain, and total exhilaration. Thor stood in front of his captive and observed the look of ecstasy with disgust. Captor to captive, standing face to face, Thor whispered menacingly, his breath hot and rancid. "What are you feeling, boy? What are you feeling when I take your balls in my hand and then I ...squeeze?" Thor asked in a voice barely above a whisper as he grasped the boy's balls and squeezed them savagely.

"I feel good, sir. I am serving my Master, sir. My balls belong to you sir."

The handsome slave with the classically chiseled features sounded weak but affirmative.

Thor slowly circled around the man who hung suspended helplessly, tied and handcuffed in the middle of the dungeon several inches above the floor. Puffing angrily on his cigar, and for no other reason but to cause suffering, he pressed the butt of his cigar against the slave's stomach. The young man jumped in surprise and pain, beads of sweat broke out almost instantly across his forehead.

Being somewhat taller than his slave, he was able to see directly into the man's eyes. He tried and wanted desperately to see the man's fear, gauge his pain and taste just a bit of the pleasure every slave claims to feel when he's placed in the hands of a capable Master.

Thor grabbed hold of the man's balls again, roughly squeezing them as he yanked them downward. Without a moment of warning or caution he plunged a thin silver needle through the soft scrotum sack. The slave yelled, agonized, while his eyes filled with tears.

Thor grimaced as he gnashed his teeth, looking very much like a Disney caricature of an insane villain He had become the most dangerous of tops; no longer respecting the limits of his bottoms. He waited patiently until the cries of his boy became merely tortured whimpering.

Please Sir


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Gay, BDSM, Contemporary

Heat rating: 4