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Matt whooped with laughter as his creation took form. No longer the sexless generic Ken doll, the generic android was shaping up into a fine hunk of a man. Give him strong hands daddy, just like a little working man's, hard and callused. And build those feet to match, large and graceful to match his cock. Matt leaned back in the chair and studied his creation. Pygmalion, Professor Higgins, forget it. Godlike was how he felt. It was a terrific world. Matt stood up and walked over to the android still incomplete.

He rubbed his hand over the massive chest and reached behind and grabbed hold of the droid’s beautiful tightly clenched ass. He didn't have to rub his crotch to know the hardness that was there. He had he needed this more than he thought. He walked back to the console and stretched back. Thinking harder he punched on a few keys and waited. Make the neck thick, and the vein in his neck should pulse with life. Square jaw and full pouted lips over pearly white teeth. Romanesque nose with the slightest pug bent. Sky blue eyes that sparkled seductively under heavy lids and long lashes. Oh yeah long laugh lines around his mouth marring those perfect cheek bones.

Long black hair, no much longer. Full thick mane of hair that cascades over his shoulders and falls down his back. Shadow of a beard and mustache, like he hasn't shaved in days. Color, yeah color is important. Make him dark, like an Italian. Like a Mediterranean stud who lives in the sun. Matt was almost jet black. He wanted contrast in his bedroom, but not too much. Now voice, talk to me ...what shall I call you? Adam, I'll call you Adam. Voice like honey, deep and mellow and seductive, real seductive. What's missing? Body hair, I want you real fuzzy over your ass. I want thick hair over your chest trailing down to your crotch and an explosion of black curly hairs long and musky to match the hairs under your arm. Smooth ass except for where the hair trails across your back and settle between the crack in your ass.

No, it's not right. The stomach. Get rid of some of the muscle and give it just the slightest roundness, hard yet cuddly. Done. Matt pressed on the keys and filled in the incidentals. Tight pink asshole, a piss hole large enough for the tip of his tongue to fit through. Give him a skin sensitivity that brings all his nerve ends tingling to the surface, making foreplay non essential but a definite must.

Well, there was just one more thing. The bars and streets were full of good looking men and almost all of them were passive. Matt wanted a man. He stared at the console and pressed his selection on temperament. Aggressive, he wanted Adam to be as aggressive as any man that he had previously known. His fingers sought out the appropriate digits on the console turning up the intensity of aggressiveness that he desired. He could see the strength and assurance surge through the perfect male body.

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