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Soaking wet, Malik lost his sandals and tunic and soon he was allowing himself to be held tightly in the Prince’s arms. Henry’s hands caressed and stroked Malik’s body from his head to just beneath the water, where his cock had hardened as well. Henry held the boy in his embrace as Malik wrapped his legs around Henry and rested his head against Henry’s chest and his butthole rubbed against Henry’s lap. In the corner of the room the harpist strummed his strings and paid no attention to what was happening in the bath. That is how servants in the king’s castle kept their heads.

“Do you like being in the bath here, naked with your Prince? Henry whispered into Malik’s ear as they held onto each other. “Boy, your prince wants to fuck you.” Henry’s hard cock could feel Malik’s tender asshole resting on his cock; it made him harder. He was eager to slip himself inside those round buttocks, as Malik trembled in Henry’s arms.

“Hmmmm how delicious you feel. My brother Richard would love to have you at his side in battle, yet it is I who has you beside me in my bath. Extraordinary creature you are. Your skin is soft as silk yet your skin is so black as to be blue in certain light. Are all the Moors as lovely as you?”

Malik blushed, he was still not used to the praise his prince often heaped upon him.

Malik pulled Henry tighter to him, his mouth opened to Henry’s kisses and he ground his hungry ass against Henry’s hard cock, until Henry could stand it no more. Henry’s kisses were now long deep, wet and passionate. Just easing the head in filled Henry with desire and he thrust upward. Malik groaned loudly and held Henry to him as he gyrated and his hole opened to admit Henry.

Happily Ever After


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

38 pdf Pages / 5667 words

Gay, Erotic Fantasy

Heat rating: 5