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It was a real warm night so I didn't bother to dress after my naked plunge into the stream. I just slid my chaps on and sat down to some dried pork and canned beans for dinner. I made a little coffee for myself and got ready to write a bit into my journal. I tried not to let the coyotes get to me. My main worry was snakes and scorpions. I intended to sleep real close to the fire.

I spread out my blanket and lay my gun under my pillow determined to catch some sleep so I could ride into the next town refreshed. It wasn't long before my eyelids had gotten real heavy and I laid back to watch the stars. I beat on my meat just a little thinking about little Cyrus Tudball’s tight ass until I fell asleep.

I don't know how long I had been sleeping when a noise awakened me. Couldn't tell what it was. Sometime those desert animals are real quiet before they strike and leave you dead. I moved my hand to my gun and had my finger on the trigger. I was fast with a gun, in these times you had to be. I opened one eye and raised my head slightly searching the area for trouble.

My campfire had burned down and only a little flame lit the area. I thought sure I’d seen a man’s shadow as it disappeared around Rebecca. The little bastard was trying to untie my saddle and my horse wasn't moving! I pretended to be asleep while waiting for whoever it was to get close enough for me to jump him.

I didn't have long to wait before his moccasin clad feet tipped-toed past me. I jumped up and grabbed at his leg throwing him to the ground. I wrestled him over and pointed my pistol at his face! In the flickering firelight I could see his beautiful brown face as he glared up at me angrily. In the moment of my surprise he grabbed at my gun and pushed me away scampering to his feet. I wasn't about to let him go and within moments I leaped on him again struggling to hold him. I turned him over and slugged him with a hard right to the jaw. His body went limp as he lost consciousness.

Cowboys and Indians


eBook Cover Price: 1.99

30 pdf Pages / 4447 words

Gay, Historical, Interracial

Heat rating: 4