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We stopped at one of the garages bordered on each side by identical park places. He motioned me to wait in the alley while he found a candle and lit it. He seemed to know his way around; naturally I assumed this was his crib. The first thing I saw was this truly bitch'in Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. A beautiful custom job built for looks and comfort rather than speed. He removed his jacket and draped it carefully over the fuel tank. His eyes pleaded with me in the shimmering heat of the light and slowly he dropped to his knees until his face was alongside the dazzling polished chrome. He raised his head parallel to the long leather phallic shaped seat and began licking it slow and deliberate. His eyes never left mine. The sight of this hot man licking that Harley seat made my cock hard and I could see easily what he wanted, and where this was leading.

He pulled his jeans over his engineer boots and tossed them aside. I quickly removed my leather pants but left my boots on. I walked over to him. Standing in front of him I swung my cock inches from his face. He reached out and grabbed hold of my prick, pulling back my foreskin until the head emerged bulbous pink and already wet with pre-cum. His mouth was hot and wet on my prick and I watched in fascination as it disappeared into his mouth and plunged further into his throat. I felt the constricting muscles massaging the shaft of my cock. He handled it with both hands as he rubbed my spit covered dick over the leather edge of the seat and then licked them both in turn. I leaned over and grabbed a hold of his tits. The tiny raisins soon grew like plums in my fingers, full and large with each moan that escaped his busy mouth.

He pulled himself up using the luxury motorbike for support. His breath was hot on my face as he leaned closer to me. I licked at his full lips, tasting my prick and leather on his mouth. Slowly I took possession of his mouth as his tongue hung over his lower lip like a thirsty dog dripping a thick pool of spit. I licked at the drool and spit on his tongue and sucked it along with his tongue into my mouth. I swallowed his offering and mingled it with my own as his mouth hungrily devoured mine.

I balled my hands into fists and dug them harshly into his armpits rolling them around in the moistened hairs until I could taste the sweat, saturating my fingers. My hands roamed over his back, taking handfuls of flesh, squeezing, twisting and kneading with my fists until he moaned in pain. Still his mouth never left mine even as my hands rounded his gorgeous ass and I slipped the side of my hand up and down his hairy crack brushing against his asshole.



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