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Ben stopped in front of a door that swung open to reveal a large, lavishly furnished suite. With a clap of his hands, a large, golden-skinned Arab appeared and bowed before us. Rapidly speaking in Arabic to the servant, Ben abruptly turned to me and nodded. He bowed slightly as he backed out of the room and closed the doors.

The large servant bowed and spoke to me in halting English. "Mr. Gray, if you will remove your clothing, I have already taken the liberty of drawing for you a hot and scented bath. Allow me to assist you. My name is Kareem."

He moved toward me and began removing my clothing. Kareem’s body smelled of scented spice as he brushed his hands against my bare skin. He was muscular, although not obtrusively so. His hair hung luxuriously to his shoulders. The overhead fans turned incessantly, blowing his jet black hair lightly away from his youthful and very handsome face.

I felt a little embarrassed at being naked in front of him. My cock awakened from its slumber and begun responding to the sight of this man and his soothing presence. Once I climbed into the warm bath, I felt all my tension and apprehensions drain from my body. The bathtub was deep and round, like a hot tub. I floated as I would have in a deep pool, the water just reaching my chest. Casually, Kareem’s hands kneaded my shoulders as he leaned over the bath to reach me. I leaned back against him and let him work his magic.

He rubbed my shoulders gently with the sponge, the heat of the water and its application soaking into my muscle. He surprised me when he removed his temple uniform and climbed into the spacious tub and swam alongside me.

His face registered no emotion as he soaped my chest, lingering over my nipples until they tingled with sensation. He rubbed my stomach under the water. With both hands he cupped my hard cock between his huge palms. I jumped in surprise. He merely smiled and continued to manipulate my cock and balls thoroughly saturating them with his touch.

He moved closer to me. His huge, dark brown cock rubbed against my own. He pulled me close to him and his arms circled around me. The sponge in his hands rubbed up and down my spine. Impulsively, I lay my head against his chest, my hard cock pressed against his taut stomach. My hands explored his back, his shoulders, and his strong arms. The oil in the water made his skin like velvet, and the spice scent was intoxicating. I trembled at his touch and wondered at how easily he had seduced me.

His hair was damp from the rising steam of the bath and clung to his forehead in clustered strands. I kissed his chest and my mouth traveled alongside the thick veins in his neck. He leaned back and moaned softly. By the time I reached his mouth, his lips had already parted. The invitation was too good to pass up. I pushed my tongue between the pearl-white teeth and tasted his hot Arab mouth. After returning my kiss, he easily and quickly turned my back to him. He pushed my head forward and I felt his hot breath on my neck before he kissed me below my hairline.

And then he bit me!

His teeth dug into my flesh and I wanted to scream, but only the most surprised gasp escaped my mouth. Releasing my flesh, he slipped up behind me and his mouth traveled across my shoulders and, once again, I could feel the sharp pain as he dug into my flesh, gnawing and chewing my skin.

Arabian Knights


eBook Cover Price: 1.99

Length: 32 pdf Pages / 5008 words

Gay, Erotic fantasy, Interracial

Heat rating: 4