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Some men are such big babies.

Jason finds himself recruited to a whole new world when he takes his baby daughter, Chloe, out for a walk while on babysitter duty. In the local park he is befriended by a group of unlikely men, dads who use their new offspring as bait to attract young women to satisfy their sexual frustration. But Chloe has a secret. She has two mummies, and her daddy’s participation in her conception consisted of jerking off into a cup. Jason develops a close bond with some of the group and he’s concerned that if he comes out he’ll lose their friendship, so he keeps mum. But the closet door is wrenched wide open one fateful day when he’s outed by an unexpected visit from his big-mouthed friend, Karl. Some members of the new dad’s group don’t react in quite the manner Jason expects when they learn the truth.  

The New Dad’s Club


“I told you they’d treat you as their personal drudge and babysitter,” Karl said as I turned down his invitation to the slave auction that Sunday afternoon.

“Shit,” I moaned. I’d had visions of making a bid or two on Lincoln who was so hot that just his bare feet touching the pavement was enough to melt concrete. He was between boyfriends and I was just perfect for what he needed – although he didn’t know that as yet.

“I bet they dump her on you every weekend while they go out with their friends but you don’t get invited to any of the special events like birthdays or first baby steps.”

“She hasn’t had any of those yet,” I replied, secretly admitting to myself that he was right. Chloe’s two mothers never invited me to those special occasions when they had all their female friends over. Perhaps I should have a party one weekend to show off the result of jerking my sprog into a plastic cup.

Chloe was the sweetest little girl. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, just like me, as opposed to her mother’s darker hair and eyes. It was no great hardship babysitting her while her mums got a bit of rest and recreation. It was just galling that I was always called on for the weekends when I needed to be out finding a boyfriend. Not to put too fine a point on it, I was getting on in gay years and the first flush of youth was already down the toilet and around the U-bend. If I didn’t find a boyfriend soon there was no hope for me and I’d have to advertise myself on Silver Daddies just to get laid. Okay, I’m a bit of a drama queen, but Karl and I were the only two in our gang of friends who didn’t have partners. That over half of them were either clandestinely or overtly cheating on their partners was beside the point. I know love can get stale after you’ve been together for more than six weeks and the grass is always greener on the other side.

Now opportunity was sliding through my fingers in much the same way Chloe’s diapers did because the smell made me barf. Chloe’s mums, Desiree and Georgia, had dropped off their daughter as well as a bag full of dirty nappies for me to wash because I had a machine in my building and they would have had to go to the Laundromat. Can anyone say, Lazy Lesbians?

I know they didn’t earn much by way of wages what with businesses seeing slave labor when they looked at women, but it’s not as if I had a lot of money either. I helped out as best I could but as I listened to Karl rabbit on about his adventures I realized how much disruption a kid can cause, especially when she wasn’t even officially mine. My name didn’t appear on the birth certificate alongside her two mums, which I thought was wrong.  I wanted Chloe to know who her donor dad was even if that made me sound like a kebab.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Karl repeated.

But then I looked at Chloe and my innards turned to mush and I became just like all those other soppy bastards with kids. Don’t knock it till you try it.

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Gay Romance, Drama  

Heat rating: 2

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