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Creaming the Party Dip

Barry Lowe

Classic Erotica

Everyone loved the party dip. They even lined up for seconds.

Andy is back home after working in Europe for five years and his best mates are rolling out the red carpet for his return. What they don’t know is that he’s returning with a boyfriend that he’s been living with secretly for more than a year. This wouldn’t be a problem except that he’s a card-carrying foundation member of the Bachelors’ Brigade, a group of gay men who swore they would never fall for the mawkish concept of monogamous love. The society’s motto is Fuck ’em and Dump ’em. Now Andy is taking Tito to meet his friends and he’s terrified by what their reaction will be.

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 5692 words

Gay/ Group / Orgy / Menage

Heat rating: 5


Taking a deep breath, giving Tito one last going over to ensure everything was in its proper place, I rapped using the old brass dragon that served as his doorknocker. He’d rescued it from a garage sale and it became the logo of his gallery which he called with his usual modesty, Carl’s Place.

I heard a whoop from upstairs and a head popped out the window screaming a greeting only to stop mid-screech, “He’s got someone with him.”

Carl wrenched open the door, his face beaming as he wrapped his strong arms around me almost crushing my ribs in a bear hug.

“You bastard, welcome back. Fuck it’s good to see you.” He held me at arm’s length and looked me over. “Yes, I do believe you’re better looking than ever.” He felt up my arms, my chest, and my butt. “Hmm, been working out too.”

While he was appraising me, I was doing the same to him. Success agreed with him.  He was a remarkable looking man. Not exactly handsome but the way he dressed, the way he carried himself, gave him presence and the appearance of being better looking than he was. He was very pleasant on the eye but he wouldn’t stop traffic. Not like Tito. But what Carl lacked in looks he made up for in charm and that made for a lethal combination.

When Carl finally deigned to turn his attention to Tito, all he asked was, “Is this for me?”

It was the one trait I detested in Carl. The world revolved around him. He was the most selfish individual I had ever met which is why the Bachelors’ Brigade suited him.

I made the introductions adding the lie that ‘Tito and I met on the plane over and we hit it off so I thought I’d show him a bit of Sydney’s wildlife.’

Carl swept his arm around poor Tito, guiding him up the stairs to almost certain doom if I hadn’t been there. I was, of course, now thoroughly ignored. At least until I reached the top of the stairs to be swamped with hugs and backslaps from my friends. I wallowed in the warm welcome until my mates’ attention turned to the cute stranger in their midst. Over the next hour or so, the group chatted away loudly and ebulliently catching up on all the news and gossip from the past two years. It would have been excruciating for Tito except that early in the evening while I had been distracted with renewing friendships Tito had indulged until he was feeling quite numb. As a result, the guys were making it obvious that they were interested by pawing at his hot body, obvious in his close-fitting Polo shirt and his tight denim jeans.

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