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Classic Romance

Greek is not just a language!

Tommy last visited Greece six years before, now he’s returning in an attempt to track down Loukas, the man who rescued him from fag bashers all those years ago. He has never been able to forget his Greek god not least because of what, as a naïve 14-year-old, he witnessed behind the rocks on the beach where Loukas disappeared with a much older man. That afternoon changed Tommy’s life forever and now he has to go back to discover if his fantasy man is real or merely a myth.

It’s All Greek to Me


Out in the bright sunlight, I glanced around the various tavernes dotting the area and my eyes honed in on him. I stumbled on the uneven stone of the town square because I had not expected to see him on my first outing. It may have been six years but there was no mistaking him, even if I hadn’t seen the distinctive astrology tattoo on his chest above his nipple. He wore tight jeans and a shirt open to the waist to reveal his tanned torso and the ripped muscles that were so attractive to foreigners. If anything, maturity had added a certain luster to his looks so that he was so sexually alluring it quite threw me. If I’d had a gun I would have shot that smug, self-satisfied prick to hell.

It hadn’t occurred to me that he would be here as well. Stupid of me. If the man I sought was here, then surely my nemesis would be as well. Perching my sun glasses on my nose and taking a deep breath for courage I made my way toward the tables in the shade of the taverna’s striped canvas awning. I knew the men at the adjacent table, all locals, were watching me without giving any indication they were doing so. They were appraising me. Friend or foe? Troublemaker? Someone they could make money from? At times like this, I would have given anything to be able to read minds.

As I passed their table I lifted my sun glasses to the top of my head, ran my eyes over them, smiled, and wished them a good morning in English, even though I speak fluent Greek.  I glanced around, as if undecided, before seating myself a few tables behind them, and ordered a light snack with coffee from the owner who appeared after one of the young men called to him that he had a customer.

I’d seen the look of consternation on Nikos’s face, as if he recognized me  but couldn’t find me in his bank of memories. That was because the last time he had seen me I was a young teenager, covered in blood.  

I eavesdropped on their conversation, watching them surreptitiously above the pages of the newspaper I was pretending to read, folding it away when my coffee arrived. They had spent scant little breath discussing me except to wonder at the likelihood of my being on the prowl for cunt. One of them suggested it was boy cunt I was after.

“Loukas will find out,” one of them said.

At the sound of his name, I looked up, straight into the eyes of the smiling Nikos. It unnerved me. Not the smile or that he was examining me like some sort of specimen under a microscope, but that Loukas was the man I had come looking for. It was confirmation he was still around. A few minutes later, Nikos took leave of his friends and my hope was he had gone in search of Loukas to tell him of the familiar stranger in town, one whose interest piqued at the mention of his name.

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Length: 8521 words

Gay, Toy Boys, Voyeurism, Romance

Heat rating: 4

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