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Classic Romance

He’s straight! He’s gorgeous! And he’s defenseless in the dungeon!

You need a handyman to demolish your backyard dungeon before your boyfriend and his parents arrive to inspect what they think is a granny flat. But what happens when the grumpy carpenter turns out to be a straight stud who wants to try out the sling so he can use it himself – on his girlfriend?

Gay Dungeon for the Straight Boy


I was toying with the idea of hiring a bulldozer to just smash the whole edifice down when an advertising flyer fell out of the phone book. It had to be an omen. Either that or my mind was becoming dangerously disturbed. The heading attracted my attention immediately. Good advertising copy always has that effect. It read: Our handymen have all the right tools. Then it went on even more suggestively: No job is too big – the BIGGER the BETTER. And then in a miniscule type face: Or too small. Impressed by their use of double entendre and exotic but masculine typefaces, I found I was getting hard. The flyer promised, after teasing with the phone number, Full service and satisfaction guaranteed. I had to read it again to ensure it was really an advertisement for a handyman, not a rent boy.

Imagination is a wonderful thing but the voice who answered the phone brought up visions of fat hairy butt cracks and beer guts. Still, his quote was reasonable – if reasonable is missing the next three payments on my car – and he didn’t quibble when I explained the…um…details of what was required. “I’ll send my son over within the hour. I’d come meself but the wife wants some doing around the house.” He was about to launch into a long spiel about his wife’s more demanding attributes when I found myself interrupting tersely, “I just want a dungeon demolished not your fucking family history.”

Shit, I’d blown it. There was a long pause during which I considered my options: I was in this situation because I had constructed my monastical retreat in my backyard so I could whip/fist/flail without fear of my housemate stumbling across a half beaten submissive slave lapping up my warm piss from a dog bowl. The dungeon fortress contained all the paraphernalia necessary for the execution of my proclivities. And I had one afternoon in which to remove and destroy the evidence before Peter and his dad and mum arrived.

The loud laughter on the other end of the phone line brought me back. “Yeah, right mate, sometimes I get too carried away.” He took down the address and, still chuckling, said, “I’ll get Joe over straight away.” Joe? Joe! What sort of name is Joe! That was my grandfather’s name for fuck’s sake. I was picturing a Shane or a Justin or a Stig or…Maybe I should spend the waiting time giving myself a little hand relief. My mind really was out of control.

I put the mobile away, sighing as I looked around the leather floggers, the silicon dildos, the shiny metallic cock rings and tit clamps, the face mask, oh fuck, why was I getting rid of all these memories even if they were covered with the dust of neglect?

Love was the reason. It makes us do some silly things. Things, oft-times, we live to regret. I hoped this wasn’t one of them.

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Length: 9122 words

Gay, Dungeon, Contemporary, Romance

Heat rating: 4

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