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From Here to Fraternity

Barry Lowe

Classic Erotica

There’s just one Animal in this Animal House…and he’s about to meet his match.

Otis has no intention of revisiting his past, especially not his college years which he’s never discussed with his boyfriend, Cory. When he receives an invitation to the frat reunion, Otis is adamant he’ll not be going because…well, the memory is still painful. Cory is intrigued and wants to bring an end to the animosity between Otis and his frat nemesis, Brick. To that end he goes to the frat reunion on his own only to discover that Brick is an animal and Cory finds himself out of his depth. Fortunately, a friend texts Otis to tell him his boyfriend is in big trouble.

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 7720 words

Gay / gangbang / college fraternity

Heat rating: 4


“Why don’t you chow down on this, fag boy?”

I could see temptation in Cory’s eyes, probably contemplating his chances of coming out of such a move in one piece. Brick, the football jock, was baiting him by grabbing a handful of his ample crotch through his shorts, egged on by his two Neanderthal buddies, Scott and Jake.

Is there anything more terrifying than a booze and drug-fueled gang of jocks egging each other on, violence barely suppressed? You learn young to avoid these sorts of situation.

Cory obviously hadn’t. He went for the provocative rather than the placatory. “Doesn’t look like it’s a decent mouthful to me.”

That really got Brick off side. If it was one thing he was inordinately proud of, it was his dick size. Cory sneered and walked back to chat with other people at the party. Confrontation over. Granted, arch homophobe Brick had been baiting him all night, but it didn’t do to retaliate. Unless you were a champ at boxing or something similar.

It had been my skill in the ring that got me accepted by the jock fraternity, Alpha Beta Pi, at college. It was a rare distinction to get into such an exclusive club if you didn’t major in football, basketball, and track, plus a distinction in hetero gangbang. The frat house was reserved for brainless sporting types who would go on to marry one of the cheer leaders and get a job as a used car salesman before going to fat and dying young of high blood pressure or a heart attack. Brick had achieved the first, was part way to the second, and, much to my regret, had not yet succumbed to the third.

He was a thick shithouse of a man. He’d put on bulk, including a lot of fat. He had the sort of body that drove Cory wild. He was beefy, solid muscle with a beer belly, pecs you could serve a plate on, abs you could play as a washboard and biceps that could crack a walnut just by flexing. He was good looking in that dumb jock way they have, and he shaved his head because, as you could tell from the stubble, he was going bald through the center. On him, a shaved head was scorching hot. And he knew it.

He had a sexual appetite to go with it. His wife was continually knocked up which meant he was always on the prowl for new experiences. He was as straight as a ten-inch rule – his purported dick size – and as virulently homophobic as any fundamentalist. Gay boys swooned over him and came away with a split lip, a black eye, or worse. He had a temper on him that was legendary which is why I feared for Cory.

This whole affair had been a mistake. A disaster waiting to happen. But how can you turn down your hot-as-a-pizza oven blond boyfriend with a body straight out of Men’s Health when he comes in waving an invitation to your college fraternity’s golden anniversary? I’d relegated it to the bin where it should have stayed but where Cory found it. That’s why he was waving it in my face excitedly. I wished now that I’d burned the bloody thing.

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