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Barry Lowe

Sonny Side Up

Gay Erotica Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy

Arrest, or humiliating discovery by his own son? Either way, he’s fucked!

It’s morning and the stragglers at his son’s gangbang have left so Buzz can escape his hiding place. He has watched Cal’s degradation and even participated himself but he is totally unprepared when Clive, his closest friend turns up for what appears to be an act of unbridled treachery. To get a better view of what’s going on, Buzz peeps through the window and that’s when the real trouble begins. He’s arrested as a Peeping Tom. His choices are: humiliating himself in front of his own son by revealing his complicity, or else being arrested as a voyeur – a sex offender. Either way, he’s fucked.

Sonny Side Up was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 5290 words

Gay Erotica Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy

Heat rating: 4


The vision on the computer went fuzzy, and then went black. I whacked it, prodding the keys in the hope of bringing the picture back to life, checked the connections, everything in fact I could think of, but the picture was gone.


Cal could take care of himself and seemed unconcerned by Clive’s threats but the situation could turn nasty real quick and I wanted to be able to intervene if necessary. I crept out of my hiding place to make my way quietly to the wall of the house, expecting at any moment that one of them might wander into the kitchen from which room I was in full view. I dared not enter the house in an attempt to free Izzy and Derek as I would be seen from the living room as I went upstairs, not agile enough to shimmy up the drain pipes, not that I knew which room they were confined in anyway.

My best bet was to monitor the action and prepare to step in at a moment’s notice. Creeping along the wall I made it to the living room window which was open at the bottom, the gauze curtain giving me a perfect view inside the room while hiding me in the darkness of the surrounding bushes which was just as well as I realised I was totally naked.

The bombardment of filthy language continued, Cal now on his hands and knees sucking Zach’s prick as he sat on the lounge, while Phil fucked his ass like a madman. Clive was shooting the action on his cell phone. He had to have blackmail in mind. Zach slam fucked Cal’s mouth, holding the back of his head, his cock rigid in his throat as Cal began to turn red then purple in the face. When Zach finally released him, Cal coughed up phlegm and snot, his eyes watering. Zach grabbed him by the throat. “Next time you go anywhere near my Artie, I’ll fuckin’ choke you for real. Choke you till you run out of breath and I pump my spunk down your dead throat. Understand?”

Cal nodded. I suspect he would have agreed to anything at that stage.

“Peeping at something interesting?” a voice whispered in my ear, startling me.

Two cops hemmed me in, the older a big brute of a bastard in his fifties, the younger in his thirties hadn’t gone to fat yet but was headed that way. They were both ugly shits with attitude to match.

“See for yourself,” I suggested, wondering how the hell I was going to get out of this situation.

The older guy gawked at the action in the living room. “Holy shit!”

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A Touch of the Son — Now available in print

Their secret passion will lead them to hell. Will they be able to find their way back?

A chance sexual encounter at the airport with a hot college twink leads to nothing but trouble for the older Buzz, especially when Cal moves in with him until he find can suitable accommodation at the university he is to attend. Buzz attempts to fight the attraction the two men feel, Cal upping the ante when he offers to sleep with all Buzz’s friends just to make him jealous. But when the erstwhile friends take up the offer it leads Cal down the path toward self-destruction, becoming more degraded as he deserts Buzz and his real friends for the new ones who see him as little more than a sex slave for their gratification. When Buzz discovers their plans for Cal’s final humiliation could lead to his death, he realizes how much he loves Cal and sets about fighting back with everything at his disposal. In so doing he might reveal the illicit secret he and Cal have hidden from all but their closest allies.

A Touch of the Son includes:

Man Of The Hour, Like Father Like Son, Sonny & Shared, Sonny Side Up, Eclipse Of The Son, Son & Games, Where the Son Don’t Shine, The Son Shines Out of His Ass, and Have Son, Will Travel

Print ISBN 978-1-911478-19-5   

Cover Price: 13.99

Length: 272 pages 66482 words

Group / Orgy / Ménage, Family and Relationships, Gay Erotica,

Heat rating: 5