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Bet Your Straight Ass

Barry Lowe

Classic Erotica

There are no rules when alphas bet.

Andy has no competition as head alpha to his frat house until younger and hotter Ivan moves in and starts to make life uncomfortable. Too much booze, too many party drugs have made Andy soft. His buddies encourage him to make a stand but maybe, just maybe, a poker night at the frat house on the day Andy has been benched to be replaced by his rival on the football team is not the best time to challenge for supremacy. Especially when Andy is on a losing streak. Then it appears his luck has changed and he’s holding the winning hand but he has nothing left to bet, until Ivan suggests stakes so ludicrous Andy could win back his honor, his prestige and the title of head honcho. But is it a bet too far?

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 7538 words

Gay, Group / Orgy / Frat house

Heat rating: 5


I was fucked. Not literally, of course. But, chances are that fate was well on the way, although I couldn’t believe my nemesis would follow through. If I had to fight for my virgin ass I knew I had some good dudes around me who would cover for me.

It was my own fault now that I look back on it. The confrontation had been brewing for some time. If it was going to happen, naturally, it would have to be that day.

I couldn’t believe my luck. All fuckin’ bad. Could the day get any worse? Oh, yeah. The mongrel bastard who was responsible for a lot of ill omens was seated directly across the table from me with the biggest shit eating grin in the universe. He had good reason. He had a pile of money in front of him, most of it mine. More than a month’s wages, hard-earned from my shifts at the takeaway burger joint and stacking shelves midnight to dawn two nights a week at the local supermarket. I couldn’t afford the poverty. Plus he also had smaller stacks of cash from the other guys in the frat house who’d turned out to play poker on that boring lazy Sunday evening.

Ivan was a cocky bastard, keen to see me fail. Delete that. Keen to see me grovel. He’d been that way since he gate crashed a frat party earlier that year and sort of never left. No one thought too much about it. He always had the best party favorites to share. The best chicks to share. The best everything to share. I couldn’t compete. Didn’t try.

I was head cocky at this particular frat house and I didn’t need to buy my popularity. I was a stud of proven proportions having broken a few hearts, more than enough cunt virgins, and scored enough touchdowns for the college football team to be listed in gold lettering on their Scroll of Honor.  

Now, there’s always room enough for more than one alpha in the house but there can only ever be one alpha alpha, if you get my drift. Like, nothing’s official. It just comes about through natural attrition, guys just silently acknowledge another dude’s superiority, the way they all did me at Alpha Beta Pi. Meant things ran smoothly. No problems that couldn’t be sorted out. I guess I was the Don Corleone of the frat house.

I only found out later that Ivan coveted my position and was white anting me at every opportunity. He wanted my crown. It’s good to be the king. He didn’t understand that top alpha is not a popularity contest, it’s got nothing to do with democracy – it’s all to do with power. I don’t mean brute force ‘cause Ivan beat me there. He was an enormous fucker. One of the reasons I’d been benched that day.

The most important match of the season and Coach Martin sent Ivan on in my place. Coach had balled me out earlier telling me my place on the team was in jeopardy unless I could get my shit together. “You’re getting flabby,” he said, scratching his balls like he had a groin full of crabs. He smacked my stomach for emphasis. That was rich coming from a guy whose idea of a balanced meal was doughnuts and ice cream, washed down with a non-diet soda. He stank of body odor and bad breath. The only thing that saved him in his job was his uncanny ability to produce winning teams year after year. Yeah, I guess my form had slumped but way to humiliate a guy.

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