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M/M Romance

The crisis will force him to put his petals to the mettle.

Edmund Crofts is the owner of a modest little flower shop, Petal Pushers, that is his life. Situated in the village of Lower Thornprickle, a couple of hundred kilometres up the M69 from the big city, it might as well be on Mars for all the major events that affect the inhabitants – or so they believe – until the landlord of local shopping mall threatens closure unless it starts making money. That’s bad news for Edmund, especially when the other shop owners elect him leader and expect him to devise a plan to save their livelihoods. Edmund thinks he has the solution but it could just divide opinion and be responsible for his total humiliation. Then Edmund discovers that Eric Venables, a homophobic bully from his high school years, has returned to run the local post office and general store. Unfortunately for Edmund, Eric has blossomed into the very personification of everything he looks for in a boyfriend. When they meet again in the small village there’s likely to be fireworks and that could disrupt Edmund’s mental and physical wellbeing as well as his plans to save the mall.

Gays of Wine and Roses


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: pdf Pages /  words

M/M Romance

Heat rating: 2