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Barry Lowe

A Six-Pack for Samson

Gay Erotica Gangbang Cuckold

Caught with his pants down by his boyfriend’s work mates.

Samson has a special way of greeting his boyfriend after a hard day at the office – he likes to lie on the couch, legs spread-eagled, ass slicked and ready to relieve his boyfriend’s tension. So, when his boyfriend is due home from a ten-day business trip, Samson gets himself lubed up and ready for action but when the door opens it’s his boyfriend’s homophobic boss and co-workers who enter. Naked and vulnerable, Samson is trapped in the stirrups he uses to rest his ankles while waiting, leaving him unable to resist whatever they want to do. What they decide is even worse than his imagination and will ruin his relationship and Brad’s career.

eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 8107 words

Gay Erotica Gangbang Cuckold

Heat rating: 5


I was horny as fuck and you can’t get much hornier than that. My boyfriend, Brad, has been away for the past ten days on an important mission with the firm he works for. Not just him but the department head and four of the top alphas in the premier investment corporation Safe-as-Houses Investment Inc. Brad is new to the company which flaunts its conservative credentials by boasting it never (knowingly) employed one of ‘them radical femmenazis or uppity homo-sexualists.’ I add the word ‘knowingly’ because Brad is as gay as rainbow glitter and twice as proud – except when it comes to keeping the best paid job of his career.

He doesn’t like it any more than I do but sometimes you have to play by the company’s rules in order to get ahead. I’m giggling. I just wrote ‘head.’ Which immediately makes me think of head jobs and how much I love sucking Brad’s brains out through his dick. It’s been waaay too long. I need his cock – like right now.

But I have to wait. He texted me he’s on his way home. His is a tense, stressful job which is why I like to be lubed up and ready to help him relax. That’s one of the only two things that have that effect on him. My cute, gym-toned body and insatiable bubble butt is one. And the company’s well-equipped gym where he can work off his irritation and frustrations is the second. Fuck, now just thinking about well-equipped (FYI: Brad is extraordinarily well-equipped) has my ass pulsing in expectation. So, also FYI, Brad has the body of an Adonis and the looks to complement it. The perfect fit to my prettier rather than masculine looks, augmented by my long hair that has me often mistaken for a woman. There were ample compensations to my appearance before I met Brad because quite a few bi-curious gents in my aerobics classes decided I was as good a shot as any to sate their curiosity. Happy days.

Not that I’m not happy now. But ten days missing your man can lead to a lot of nostalgia for the good old days of quick anonymous shags and ass-warping gangbangs. Now all that frustration is about to end. Brad is on his way home and we have our ingenious method by which I welcome him back. We created it on one of those occasions when our sex life had deteriorated into that jaded same-old, same-old. We took our relationship by the bootstraps and shook it about, considering every permutation from kink to kennel to kinesiology. My eyes glazed over and I was breathless when we discussed opening up our relationship or adding a third – neither of us had ever cheated – but even though Brad looked at my reaction strangely, he’d passed on that variation. I guess that was the right thing to do.

Had we gone that route there was plenty to choose from. Guys at the gym were forever hitting on me and ditto for Brad in his line of work even though he was playing it straight. But my ass remained tightly zipped except when Brad was around. So here I am, spread-eagled on our leather lounge, my ankles held in stirrups that we’d screwed into the back so I can recline, ass aimed at the front door. That way the first thing Brad sees on coming home is my puckered hole ready for his tongue or his cock. It makes me feel incredibly sexy but also totally depraved. I love it.

I wriggled into position, my legs spread wide, as soon as Brad texted me he was on his way, hours later than I’d expected. Because the mission had been so successful they’d stopped off for a little celebratory refreshment. I hoped not too celebratory as to make Brad incapable of pleasuring the hot ass awaiting him at home. A few drinks and he loses all inhibitions and can screw for hours. Just one extra drink and it’s noodle cock city.

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