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Barry Lowe

Sonny & Shared

Gay Erotica Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy

If his dad doesn’t want him, he’ll share his sexual favours amongst dad’s best friends.

In a drunken stupor, Cal has made the mistake of offering his body to all the people he insulted when he was younger. Trouble is, they believe the offer is genuine and want to take him up on it, regardless of their friendship with his dad, Buzz, who is having troubles enough of his own keeping his dick in his trousers around Cal. With sexual tension at exploding point, Cal decides to give the men one go at his ass while his dad is out of town for the night. Problem is, Buzz has heard all about the scheming and has a plan of his own.

Sonny & Shared was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 10111 words

Gay Erotica Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy

Heat rating: 4


“So tell me why a line of men outside my bedroom door will go down better with Buzz than the same number spread out over a longer period.”

“Because he won’t know about it. That’s the big plus of this plan. You told us your dad goes away on business every few weeks and stays away overnight. He usually knows a week or so in advance so you send out a general invite to the men involved, tell them it’s a one-shot and there are no rain checks. Come one, come all, and don’t expect to come again.”

“The spare room won’t fit all the guys who are likely to turn up,” Derek said.

“And I don’t want to use dad’s room,” Cal said.

Izzy had it all mapped out. “Two choices then. The living room. That way guys can watch the action or porn on the telly while they wait. Or if it’s a warm enough evening, outside by the pool.”

“What are you guys gonna be doing during all this?”

“We’ll cater. Drinks and pizzas or something like that. Keep the lube warm and in fresh supply. Generally make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.”

Cal chuckled. “Maybe I could charge them if they’re that keen. It would pay my fees for a few months at least.”

As plans go, it was not a bad one, although I didn’t want to know my boy was fucking all my best friends. Perhaps though, it was a great way to test their loyalty. I’d let it be known that I would not appreciate any sexual overtures to my son as a result of his open invitation at the party. I’d wangle a list of names out of Izzy of those who turned up. I was pretty sure I could bribe the list out of him by offering up my dick.

The remainder of the weekend passed uneventfully although the calls kept coming. I knew there was only one way to stop them once and for all. Sunday night while the four of us were having a makeshift meal, prepared by Izzy whose cooking I was getting to like a little too much, I orchestrated a phone call. Everyone tensed as they had throughout the day in case it was another proposition for Cal. I glanced at the caller ID.

“It’s a work call. Sorry, guys, I’ve gotta take this. It’s from one of our suppliers out of town.”

I stood just on the other side of the kitchen door so they could hear every word of mine. I’d asked a guy I know to ring at the set time, wait for me to answer and then hang up, I’d take care of the rest of it. He thought he was getting me out of a boring dinner party and I wasn’t about to tell him otherwise.

“Yeah, Pete, that sounds good for me but what about the other components that you promised?” I’d rehearsed the call in my head during the day to make it sound feasible, right down to the pauses. “But I gotta have those components otherwise your shit will be sitting around while I wait. (pause) Okay, but I’ll be losing money on the deal. (pause) Why can’t Frank handle that? (pause) Look at it from my point of view and it makes sense. I know it’s extra effort but in this financial climate… (pause, with added sigh) All right, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. It’s bloody inconvenient but what the fuck, it’ll save money in the long term. I’ll drive up on Saturday afternoon, drop into the factory, see if I can sort something out with Frank, then drop over to see you with the results of our meeting, and we can do a phone hook-up to sort out the whole mess. I can be back here late Sunday afternoon. Sound feasible? (pause) Good man. See you Saturday night. I’ll be at the usual hotel. (pause) Yeah, the one on Mann and Gosford Rd.”

I heard whispering in the kitchen after I’d hung up from my phantom call, so I gave them time to make hurried arrangements before cursing and slamming back to the table as if pissed off. I couldn’t miss the smirk of satisfaction on Izzy’s face as he looked at his two confederates. I hoped I was doing the right thing.

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A Touch of the Son — Now available in print

Their secret passion will lead them to hell. Will they be able to find their way back?

A chance sexual encounter at the airport with a hot college twink leads to nothing but trouble for the older Buzz, especially when Cal moves in with him until he find can suitable accommodation at the university he is to attend. Buzz attempts to fight the attraction the two men feel, Cal upping the ante when he offers to sleep with all Buzz’s friends just to make him jealous. But when the erstwhile friends take up the offer it leads Cal down the path toward self-destruction, becoming more degraded as he deserts Buzz and his real friends for the new ones who see him as little more than a sex slave for their gratification. When Buzz discovers their plans for Cal’s final humiliation could lead to his death, he realizes how much he loves Cal and sets about fighting back with everything at his disposal. In so doing he might reveal the illicit secret he and Cal have hidden from all but their closest allies.

A Touch of the Son includes:

Man Of The Hour, Like Father Like Son, Sonny & Shared, Sonny Side Up, Eclipse Of The Son, Son & Games, Where the Son Don’t Shine, The Son Shines Out of His Ass, and Have Son, Will Travel

Print ISBN 978-1-911478-19-5   

Cover Price: 13.99

Length: 272 pages 66482 words

Group / Orgy / Ménage, Family and Relationships, Gay Erotica,

Heat rating: 5