Barry Lowe

Like Father Like Son

Gay Erotica  Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy

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Gay Erotica Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy: What’s a dad to do? Buzz is conflicted when his formerly homophobic son, now a handsome college-age student, moves in with the tantalizing promise of taboo fantasies. While Cal’s seductive behavior seems guilt free, Buzz agonizes over every look and touch, until his son’s 21st birthday party at which Cal does a mea culpa in front of the people he’s offended in the past and offers himself as reparation.

Like Father Like Son was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica

Ebook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 7915 words

Gay Erotica Older/Younger Taboo Fantasy

Heat rating: 4


“You did what?”

 “You heard what I said.”

 “You slept with a man you once described as, let me see if I can remember your exact words, ‘a little fat slug that was an insult to the human genome pool?’ I think I got that right.”

 I sighed, wondering why I had ever thought it was a good idea telling my best friend, Clive, what I’d done. Then I realized he was the most understanding ear I could bend. My straight friends of either gender would be horrified by my revelation and most of my gay male friends and acquaintances who weren’t similarly grossed out, would be lining up to tap Jason’s ass for themselves. So, Clive it was. I had to tell somebody, the secret was eating away at me.

He didn’t pause for breath. “This is the same son who called us all fags and threatened the police on us if we so much as farted in his direction. The son who has all the personality of a puss-filled pimple, and looks exactly like the human embodiment of one as well.”

 I groaned. Yes, that’s how I’d described him. Once. “That was when he was fourteen. He doesn’t look like Billy Bunter anymore.”


“And I didn’t sleep with him as you put it, I fucked him. There was no sleeping involved.”

He saw my distress, and immediately adopted amateur psychologist mode. “How are you feeling?”

“Guilty as hell.”

That’s why I was at the gym, attempting to work off my stress and my guilt and, I had to admit it as much as I didn’t want to, my excitement.

“Guilty? Why, if it was an accident?”

“Do I really have to spell it out? Because he’s my own son. My own flesh and blood.”

Clive showed his exasperation with a shrug and an escape of breath through tight lips. “You didn’t know that at the time.”

“But I know it now. Hence the guilt.” I had to calm down, I was beginning to raise my voice, and other guys were staring at us.

“How’s he?”

“That’s the remarkable part. Doesn’t seem to have fazed him a bit. In fact, he seems quite pleased with the whole exercise.”

“Wow. So, leaving the guilt aside for the moment, how was it?”

I smiled. “You’re an evil man, Clive.”

“You know flattery doesn’t work with me. Now, fess up.”

“Before I knew who he was, allowing for the fact it was rushed and we did it in a toilet at the airport…” I hesitated, not to consider my reaction as I had run it through my head repeatedly since the incident, shuddering inwardly that I came up with the same answer every time, but because it was an answer I just couldn’t deal with. “I’d give it twelve out of ten.”

“He give the same score?”

I shrugged. “He’s hinted he’d like a repeat.”

“Shit. You do have a problem.”  

 That was the under-statement of the year.

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A Touch of the Son — Now available in print

Their secret passion will lead them to hell. Will they be able to find their way back?

A chance sexual encounter at the airport with a hot college twink leads to nothing but trouble for the older Buzz, especially when Cal moves in with him until he find can suitable accommodation at the university he is to attend. Buzz attempts to fight the attraction the two men feel, Cal upping the ante when he offers to sleep with all Buzz’s friends just to make him jealous. But when the erstwhile friends take up the offer it leads Cal down the path toward self-destruction, becoming more degraded as he deserts Buzz and his real friends for the new ones who see him as little more than a sex slave for their gratification. When Buzz discovers their plans for Cal’s final humiliation could lead to his death, he realizes how much he loves Cal and sets about fighting back with everything at his disposal. In so doing he might reveal the illicit secret he and Cal have hidden from all but their closest allies.

A Touch of the Son includes:

Man Of The Hour, Like Father Like Son, Sonny & Shared, Sonny Side Up, Eclipse Of The Son, Son & Games, Where the Son Don’t Shine, The Son Shines Out of His Ass, and Have Son, Will Travel

Print ISBN 978-1-911478-19-5   

Cover Price: 13.99

Length: 272 pages 66482 words

Group / Orgy / Ménage, Family and Relationships, Gay Erotica,

Heat rating: 5

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