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The wolf whistles and shouts of sexual innuendo alerted me to the fact my wife was on her way to see me. I smiled. She was right on time. I’d called her at home asking her to drop off a folder of important papers I’d inadvertently left behind in my rush to work that morning. My excuse was that I had an important buyer interested in the property.

My wife, Tina, groused and griped when I asked her to drop by. Her gym time was sacrosanct. It wasn’t like a detour to my office was out of her way, she had to drive by on the journey to her gym class.

“It’ll take you five minutes,” I said. “I don’t ask much of you.”

In fact, I asked nothing at all. I paid the bills; she spent what money remained on perfecting her clearly amazing body. She already stopped traffic in the street and was doing likewise with the construction guys on site if the catcalls were anything to go by; confirmation that I had chosen a real live doll as my wife.

She was hot. Even hotter in bed although she had her likes and dislikes: don’t we all? I got more than enough attention from her pussy. She loved me to eat her out for hours on end and she’d usually come at least three or four times until I thought I’d drown in her pussy juice. I was one lucky bastard even with all the No Go areas of our relationship. And I liked the fact guys liked the look of my wife. If only she…

The crescendo of whistles from the construction guys all over the building was confirmation. They weren’t to know Tina was my wife. They probably thought she was just another hot chick coming to look at floor plans or pick up colored brochures on the building. I peeked through the window.

I should have known. Even though I’d warned her about how sexist and every other phobe or ist the workers were, she’d turned up in the gear she normally wore to the gym. I didn’t mind when she hopped in the car and went directly to her classes as no one saw her while she was in the vehicle and the gym itself was all-female apart from one or two gay men who acted as instructors or masseurs, but it was an entirely different matter on site.

She wore a ragged T-shirt cut off to reveal the lower curve of her ample breasts, the cotton material rubbing her nipples to a hardness that excited me. Her shorts were cut-off jeans from which her ass cheeks were clearly obvious and the front of which almost obscenely revealed her pussy lips if she didn’t pull them down to cover her modesty. Perhaps, lack of modesty was a more appropriate term.

Tina loved to display her body. She was proud of it. Flirting was something she did well, although she always knew where to draw the line. In public, I was proud to be her husband and it made me hard to think other men were envious of what I had. Especially on the building site where I was seen as a bit of an outsider.

As my wife sashayed through the shell of the building, a smile wider than her ass revealing how much she enjoyed the attention, guys appeared like flies drawn to honey. So many men, in fact, she was surrounded, unable to progress any farther without being bombarded with their lecherous advances and their much too familiar ‘accidental’ brushing of her body, particularly her ass and tits. I could see it all clearly from my window and hear every word.

Wanna Share Your Wife?


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 8500 words

Het, Erotica, Multiple Partners

Heat rating: 5

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