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Length: 7633 words

Bisexual, Erotica, Multiple Partners, short read

Heat rating: 5

“For Heaven’s sake, Alex, when are you going to come out at work? Aren’t you sick of making up stories about your non-existent girlfriend?”

“She’s not non-existent,” Alex wailed. “She’s you.”

“I am not now nor have I ever been your girlfriend.”

Melanie knew Alex would be smiling now even though he was on the other end of her cell phone. “There was that time you got pissed at the Christmas party and you were all over me like the proverbial rash. You even had your hand down the front of my pants.” She was right; she could hear the smile in his voice. He never left off accusing her of molesting him.

“If you weren’t interested, why did you have an erection?” She thought the question was reasonable.

“All my cock knew was that it was being fondled, it doesn’t care who is doing it. Does your pussy know the sex of the fingers being pushed inside it?”

Their argument always progressed along the same lines. Neither was willing to concede an inch as to who started it. To the delight of some and the disgust of others, Melanie and Alex had been tongue pashing on the lounge in a state of alcoholic arousal for a good fifteen minutes before Melanie went for the grope. Truth been known she’d wanted Alex deep inside her ever since they’d first met. She had a voracious appetite for cock — it was something they had in common. Alex had a definite preference for the bottom role when he made it with hot men.

His interest in women as sexual partners was minimal; non-existent really. He liked Melanie – but not like that. The kissing had been fine, he had no problem with kissing his best female friend even when she pushed her tongue far enough into his mouth that he almost choked. Most of his boyfriends had been woeful in the kissing department so he was pleased to get in some practice. A kiss is a kiss, after all, the only difference being the beard rash.

He hadn’t even minded when she put her hand around his cock inside his trousers and began to gently jerk him off. In fact, he’d been close to unzipping his fly to give her better access, totally oblivious to the fact they were in full view of everyone at the party. Alex merely overlaid the female hand with a masculine fantasy and as it had been over a week since he’d blown his load, he didn’t care one way or the other. Horniness is no respecter of gender.

The whole experimental enterprise had collapsed like a flimsy house of cards when Melanie had placed Alex’s hand over her mound and guided his fingers into her pussy. She was wet with anticipation but the moment Alex felt his digits sink into the ‘squishiness’ as he called it, it was all over. He was neither sexist nor a misogynist but his brain rebelled, quickly deflating his cock. It was as if someone had thrown a bucket of cold water over him.

Melanie knew how important this latest company party was. It was Alex’s attempt to lay the unsavory rumors to rest. If he turned up with the same girlfriend it would allay the fears of those who believed he was rampantly promiscuous and, if he was on his best behavior, it would show the boss and his cohorts that last year’s display was a drunken aberration. Of course, Alex could come out of the closet at work but he feared that was a solution too radical for Rodgers, Coplan & Blaine. Conservatism, reliability, steadfastness, adherence to the old ways; those were the values you signed up for when you joined the company. If you rocked the boat, chances are everyone would be pitched into the waves and drowned. Steady as she goes was the best way.

Melanie had heard it all before. She was tired of playing beard to his closetedness. She’d hoped with his new boyfriend he’d find the courage to come out so he could live his love openly. No such luck. He’d hammered himself so tightly inside the closet he was in real danger of suffocation.

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