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eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 6235 words

Bisexual, Erotica, Multiple Partners, family pressure short read

Heat rating: 5

“What can I say, son? Your mother’s a cunt, not to put too fine a point on it, and I know that’s not a part of the human anatomy in which you have any interest.”

I laughed politely because I’d never come out to my family although it must have been quite obvious to anyone with half a brain – with no brain at all – that I was gay. In fact, I’m a screaming queen, with my ‘Oh, Mary’ this and ‘Get her’ that, plus wrists that flap like the wings on a demented seagull. I wasn’t fooling anyone, least of all my mother around whom I butched it up as much as I could, taking me well out of my comfort zone. If I ever dropped a spangle in her company, then dad would always cover for me, telling her quietly, “Slight effeminacy, dear, doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in girls.”

Slight effeminacy? Hell, not only had I bought the whole package, I purchased the entire store. Of course, none of this would have been a problem except for my mum. She was, as my dad put it so succinctly, a vagina. She was also one of the richest women on the West Coast and her largesse included a substantial allowance with which I was able to avail myself of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Fortunately, I lived on the East Coast, allowing my lifestyle to pass unnoticed although my escapades occasionally made the social pages, the only reading matter that interested my mother. I was discreet enough in public that my worst excesses were usually camouflaged and out of sight. I had enough fag hag friends photographed dripping off my arm to fool most people. Or I did until I fell in love.

Gavin is kind, loving, affectionate, caring, considerate; all the synonyms you can come up with, and loves me more than life itself. He also has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and fucks me with it like a human tornado. He is handsome as sin, built like a Renaissance sculpture, his butt cheeks a work of art in themselves. His mouth is built for sucking cock – mine – and his verbal dexterity leaves your common porn star sounding tongue tied. I guess I should have been more careful when out on the town with Gavin. In our happiness we failed to take even the most basic precautions: we forgot to take a woman each as a beard.

So the paparazzi plastered shots of me and Gavin with scarcely concealed hints at our relationship status across the social pages of all the major glossy magazines. Our belated attempt to turn our cozy duo into a cozier quartet via the insertion of two high-profile television actresses was too little and much too late. My mother was not about to be fobbed off with the excuse Gavin was my PA/bodyguard and general dogsbody. “One does not, at least in my experience,” she said icily down the phone, “go about sticking one’s tongue in the mouth of one’s personal assistant whether one is drunk or not. Hired help need to know their place in the overall scheme of things and that is not on the end of their employer’s tongue. Especially if one’s assistant is of the same gender.” Her voice had reached fever pitch by the time she had completed her spiel. There was nothing I could say to appease her, so I kept mum.

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