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Length: 8854 words

Bisexual, Erotica, Multiple Partners, short read

Heat rating: 5

See, one of the reasons Kylie and I get on so well together is because we’re both sluts – for cock. But you would have guessed that already. That’s why I had to lie about my sexual adventures. Mind you, the lies were minor. Like, the partners I had on the weekend had no cunts because they were male. But I embellished by giving them vaginas that I sucked, licked and otherwise fucked, whereas it was cock I licked and sucked and ass that I fucked. Along with the usual things you do with a human mouth. Okay, maybe a few unusual things as well.

Over the years I’d built up quite a reputation as a ladies’ man although some of the others must have questioned the authenticity of my stories, even if only in their minds. Sometimes I would bring a pair of pussy juice soaked panties for show and tell, courtesy of Kylie. They were usually passed around to the groans and sniffs of the growing band of married men, and they usually disappeared at some stage into someone’s coat pocket. I didn’t mind, I had no use for them apart from a prop for my dissembling.

It’s not that I can’t get women, in fact, I’m considered prime beef by the female of the species but I’m just not made that way. It’s nothing personal as I told Kylie on the couple of occasions she’s tried it on with me. It’s genetics. It’s men that get the blood pumping to my dick: masculine good looks, stubble, plump round asses, hard pecs, muscular biceps, and best of all, hard pulsing cocks that squirt my favorite liquid – thick hot spunk.

Fortunately for me, I attract as many men as I do women. Rarely do I turn them down. I’m not indiscriminate, they have to be breathing, but if you ask then you’re unlikely to be refused. My date book is full until well into next year although if it’s just a quickie in an adult bookshop or an alley or just about anywhere public or private, then try me. You’ll find I’m very amenable. Oh, you want to bring a friend. Sure, why not?

Kylie is my female equivalent. If I had been twins, she would be my sister. She’s as hot as I am, and just as promiscuous.

I think it’s my good looks and fit body, plus the lascivious stares from female co-workers that convince most of my male colleagues that there’s not much exaggeration in my sex tales. Only Niles Carson has any doubts which he voices vociferously to anyone who’ll listen.  Niles is the thorn in my side on two counts. The second is the one just listed coupled with the fact he’s always trying to expose me. The main reason is that he’s hotter than hell in a heat wave. He’s just so me that every time I see him my cock wants to shoot in my trousers.

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