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Length: 7022 words

Bisexual/Transgender, Erotica, Multiple Partners, short read

Heat rating: 5

Once I hit college the gang became inseparable again. We went to parties together, bars together, dancing together, movies together, although I tended to go home alone. Cree and his mates were always picking up or buddy fucking while I learned everything there was to know about my vibrator. It really didn’t hack it as someone to talk to or share experiences with and the satisfaction was only fleeting.

One night in a dark, crowded club, watching Cree and Dion snogging and more in a corner I lost it. I screamed, “Why can’t I get fucking laid?” I thought all eyes turned to me but, in reality, the music was so loud that only the people in the immediate vicinity heard me. I stormed off to the bar to get plastered. It didn’t help.

Later, on the street after the club closed and while Dion was getting his car, Cree wrapped his arm around me. “Is it really that bad, Une? You not getting any?”

I pouted. “Less than zero.”

“Aw, that’s awful.”

He held me close while I sobbed my frustration away.

“Hey, you up for an adventure?” he asked.

“Does it involve me getting laid?”

“Big time,” he laughed.

“Hell, yeah.”

That’s how a nice girl like me found herself at an adult book shop the next night with a horny gay boy.

I was nervous as fuck. I’d never been in a place like this before. Sure I’d seen pornos, my dad had his favorites on DVD tucked away at the bottom of his underpants drawer and I’d found mum’s vibrator and a couple of toys that I had no idea what to do with in her bedside table. I lost my virginity at the prom, what a cliché I am but it wasn’t so much that I lost it as it was something I was pleased to get rid of. I threw it away. I knew enough that the first time you did ‘it’ with a boy it hurt like blazes and I had no intention of saving it for my wedding night although weddings were the last thing on my mind especially as my sister had already gone through her first and was on to her second by the time I reached fucking age.

The boy I chose to rid me of my unwanted hymen had as little idea of the mechanics as me but we fumbled through it both getting what we wanted and both ridding ourselves of the stain of virginity in the process. They say you never forget your first. Not true. I’d forgotten him before he even came.

The sex shop was a whole new experience and I guess it was how I should have felt that first time. Excitement mixed with trepidation – the sweet with the sour like a good salad dressing. I never would have done it on my own no matter how horny I was. If Cree hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have entered the premises let alone made my way to the porno booths at the back of the shop secreted behind a door with dangling strips of colored plastic.

My heart was thumping in my chest, I felt so naughty. Not dirty, my parents were too adult to ever describe sex as dirty. They believed it was an appetite every bit as important as eating, sleeping, or breathing.

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