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When the second half of Bob Teasle’s set began, after Geoff had spent the entire intermission talking to me, I was well on the way to infatuation. I was vulnerable, I know that now. One doesn’t make friends with one’s washing machine repair man unless one is in a bad way.

It was inevitable that Bob Teasle would sprinkle his performance with jazz standard love songs. After the fourth of fifth love song, I was in serious danger of losing it. The tears were a gnat’s breath away when I felt a hand squeeze my knee reassuringly. It’s something I might have expected from Denise but she was seated across the table from me and I knew none of the other men around me would indulge in such intimacy. It had to be Geoff.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “Let me know if you’d like to leave. We can duck out without anyone knowing.”

I was too choked up to ask about his girlfriend and how she’d get home although I had no doubt any of the men at the table would be only too glad of the opportunity to play taxi.

I wasn’t prepared to give in to my distress just yet but another two love songs and I was borderline hysterical.

Geoff must have read me because he placed his hand on my arm, helping me stand. Denise looked over with commiseration but none of the others appeared to notice as we wended our way amongst the tables to the back of the auditorium.

I must admit if I hadn’t been such an emotional mess I may have balked at accepting a lift in Geoff’s battered old Ford Sedan that obviously hadn’t seen a vacuum cleaner since the invention of the wheel. He had to throw text books and piles of paper into the back in order for me to sit down. I wondered where Suzie sat when she traveled with her boyfriend.

“Aren’t you afraid your girlfriend might… um…?” How could I discreetly complete that sentence?

“What girlfriend?”

I was surprised by his cavalier attitude. “Suzie.”

“Suzie’s not my girlfriend. She’s someone I know from night classes. I just brought her along because she loves Teasle. Almost as much as she loves cock.”

“But the maître D’…”

“Oh, that line of bullshit about young love? When I noticed you were there and you had a vacancy at your table, I slipped him a few bucks to see if we could…” He shrugged.


“All will be revealed in good time. Just you relax.”

I had a million questions but he refused to answer the few tentative attempts I made to ask them. In the end I leaned my head against the back of the seat but when I was awakened outside my apartment building I found I’d been sleeping against Geoff’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry,” I said. “Was I there long?”

“Most of the journey.”

“I hope it wasn’t too unpleasant for you.”

“Nah. In fact, I rather enjoyed it.”

He leaned over to pat down my hair where it had been mussed against his shoulder. I was still half asleep and almost missed the brief touch. He got out of the car and came around to my door, wrenching it open to allow me out.

“Thank you, young man. That’s very gallant.”

He held my arm as he guided me to the front door. Without thinking, I handed him my keys so he could unlock the front entrance and see me to the lifts. I thought he’d leave me there but he took me right to the front door of my apartment, inserted the key and opened it. I felt I should invite him in for a coffee for his kindness but I was simply too exhausted. I didn’t need to explain, for he said, “Maybe next time.”

I was saddened by the fact there would never be a next time.

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