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Nothing much had changed in six years. The taverna where the young men of the village lazed away the afternoon and evening may have received a coat of paint and whitewash since that time although it looked remarkably as I remembered it, just not as noisy, not as bustling, not as overwhelming.


The sound of cheers in the square interrupted my dream of the past. I staggered bleary eyed to the window, smiling when I saw Nikos’s audacity. He was seated at a table in the taverna, a tell-tale patch against the side of his head. Obviously, I hadn’t hit him nearly hard enough. But the loud fuss wasn’t over Nikos, it was because of an individual who had turned up with a fistful of cash. The breath caught in my throat as I watched Loukas order drinks for his cronies.

He was as magnificent as I remembered, but how to approach him? I couldn’t just bowl up to the man and say “You owe me. I kept my side of the bargain, now you keep yours.” Not six years after the event. Loukas obviously never expected to have to pay out. He wouldn’t even remember me, let alone our pact.

The noise subsided as the waiter brought out the drinks. Loukas and Nikos were deep in conversation, glancing up at my window several times although I was standing far enough back in the dark that they would not see me. They seemed to be arguing until, finally, Loukas impatiently broke away, striding purposefully across the square toward the hotel.

I was trembling; he didn’t look at all pleased.

Five minutes passed before there was a quiet knock at my room. For a split second, I contemplated not answering but desire overcame my reluctance and I flung open the door. Loukas smiled but not quickly enough to disguise the look that revealed he had no idea who I was. How could he forget and Nikos remember?

“Hey,” he said.

I stepped aside and invited him in. I’ll admit he lied beautifully. “Long time, no see.”

“You don’t remember me, do you?”

He held up his hand in protest. “Of course I do. It’s so good to see you after, what is it, six years?”

Nikos had obviously coached him well.

“Yes, six long years,” I agreed.

Suddenly I was in his arms, his tongue wedged in my mouth, but it was all technique and little passion. “I’ve missed you so much, Bobby,” he said. Obviously Nikos’s coaching only went so far, but I didn’t bother to correct him.

Perhaps it was my fault for expecting too much and things would get better as we overcame our initial embarrassment.

“I knew you’d come back,” he whispered. For a moment I believed him.

Bazza’s 70th Birthday Bash

Best Seller Romances

So much man and man lovin’ you’ll want to turn gay (if you aren’t already).

Three fabulous best-selling anthologies of heart-tingling gay romance that will take you on a roller-coaster journey from the Lambda Award Finalist for Best Gay Romance  Everything’s Coming Up Roses which includes beach boy lovefest The Day of the Cliffords, the western The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly (don’t let the title fool ya!), He Won’t Send Roses (a bad boy does good), and grab a tissue for the teary, Christmas in July. Then there’s the anthology Romancing the Bone containing some of Bazza’s earliest stories including the intergenerational Carbon Dating, and Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson, the sweet Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Love on Tofu, plus all the love of Let the Games Begin, Taking the Bait, Party Whip, Team Player, Davy Jones’ Locker, Gay Dungeon for the Straight Boy, OMG! Santa’s Got a Six-Pack!, and Vlad the Impaler. In case you’re still in need of some hot romance, the third anthology in the bundle is Cock-Eyed Optimists but I don’t think Rodgers & Hammerstein had any of these stories in mind when they wrote their classic song: The New Dad’s Club, A Red Rose Before Crying, Salted Mixed Sluts, It’s All Greek to Me, the autobiographical Love and the Odor of Red Leatherette, Too Frocked to Care, The Three Spooges, and Hard on His Heels.

What better way to celebrate than with this limited edition of Barry Lowe’s Best Seller Romances?

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He Won’t Send Roses

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