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Jameson’s life was a mess – not the good, fun, quirky kind, mind you. Rather it was the kind of mess that had been heated up, left out in the rain and then put away at the back of the cupboard; mostly forgotten and gathering mould.

Three months had passed since his world had fallen apart and Jameson showed no signs of wanting to pick up the pieces and start the process of rebuilding. In fact, he seemed quite content to stay in his little cocoon, hiding from the world. In his defense, his life had exploded in such a spectacular fashion that it seemed he might have angered just about every deity known to man.

That hellish week had started off badly when the company he worked for had been subject to a hostile takeover. The new owners had a reputation for being ruthless in gutting their acquisitions and the following day he received confirmation that he was indeed now without gainful employment. This, in itself, hadn’t all been so terrible, as he had a sizeable savings account and someone with his business acumen and head for numbers was quite employable. It just wasn’t the best timing to say the least, as he was already a tad stressed, with his wedding to the love of his life, David, only two weeks away.

Two days later he’d received a rather odd phone call saying his final check to the caterers had bounced. It was only when he inquired at the bank that he learned he’d been the victim of credit card fraud…to the tune of several thousand dollars. Fortunately, his other bank account had remained untouched. However, the task of trying to sort the fraudulent purchases from the legitimate ones was complicated by all the miscellaneous wedding expenses they’d had over the past few months.

Again, Jameson had taken it in his stride but the next disaster proved to be a death knell for his resolve. Exactly one week before their nuptials, David, accompanied by Jameson’s best friend since childhood – Judd – came to see him with something to confess.

“I’m sorry but I can’t marry you,” his fiancé began. “It’s nothing you’ve done.”

“We’re in love,” Judd had added.

And so the feeble explanations of their treacherous behavior continued while Jameson’s heart simply shut down. He sat there, numbly, while they pleaded for forgiveness and understanding. Chances were he could have coped with any of the three traumas individually but with them all heaped together it was simply too overwhelming.

Things might have continued on in this destructive spiral if hadn’t been for a slippery patch of white tiles on the bathroom floor. Jameson was stepping out the shower, following one of his increasingly infrequent self-washings, when his left foot suddenly slid from under him and he flailed desperately to right himself. His hands grasped for the towel rod by the door and in the process accidentally switched on the bright overhead light – he’d taken to showering in the dark. It was then that Jameson happened to catch sight of himself in the foggy mirror. There spread before him, through the light haze of steam, was a tired, pasty-looking and decidedly flabby man. Gone was his gym-honed body and in its place was a paunch with love handles thrown in for good measure. He didn’t recognize himself. Granted, he was propped up by the towel rod at a thoroughly unflattering angle but Jameson recognized the reality of the situation.

Jameson had enabled the denial of his dire state by living in mostly darkness and avoiding reflective surfaces. The curtains were kept firmly shut and he chose to bathe himself in the soothing glow of his television instead. The shock was the wake up call he needed. In a flash he came to the first positive decision he had made in months.

No more!

Jameson knew that if he left it to tomorrow he wouldn’t go so he quickly righted himself and dried off with a fluffy, red towel. Feeling energized by a sudden sense of steadfast purpose, he headed straight to his bedroom. Once there, Jameson began to frantically rifle through the mess of clothes on the floor.

When was the last time I did laundry?

Newly motivated, Jameson dressed in the baggiest clothes he could find – that were also reasonably clean – grabbed his keys and went straight out the front door for the first time in over a month. The air outside hit him like a refreshing wave as he bravely soldiered on to his car and then towards the first step of reclaiming his life – the gym.

Best Served Hot


Cover Price: 3.99

Length: 250 pdf Pages / 46000 words

Gay, Erotic Romance, Drama

Heat rating: 4