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Daniel Applewhite was thankful to be in the cozy confines of his bathroom, after a trying day of dealing with difficult customers. The young tailor eased himself into a hot bubble bath to soak his aching muscles. He submerged his head briefly, which plastered his dark brown hair against his scalp, and felt the nagging worries of the day start to slip away. The steam from the hot water gave the room a soft hazy glow and further added to his feeling of being wrapped in a wonderfully warm cocoon.

As the soapy water caressed his smooth, pale skin, the scarcest hint of an idea began to seep from his subconscious.


At first, he paid it no mind seeing it wasn’t all that strange for his mind to wander towards men’s undergarments…particularly to the valuables they contained. Daniel’s thoughts drifted to his current malaise. It wasn’t that he was unhappy, far from it; it was more that he wasn’t being challenged in a creative sense. It probably didn’t help that he had no great romance in his life to distract him from his current state either. Not that he was actively looking for a beau…but still.

As he lay back amongst the suds the tired tailor let his mind wander. Daniel was glad that he’d moved to Port Davinica five years beforehand, desperate for a change after the unpleasantness of a broken engagement. Happily, the heartbreak caused by Reid, his former fiancé, was merely a distant memory now, only resurfacing at the odd maudlin moment. Despite only being in his early thirties, Daniel had established a thriving bespoke tailoring business – A Gentlemanly Touch. His training on Savile Row, under the strict tutelage of his father, had served him well. Daniel’s skilled, nimble fingers and attention to detail rapidly saw him gain a reputation for being one of best tailors in town…whatever your needs; he was your man.

Business was brisk but Daniel yearned for more of a challenge. His workload had increased to the point where he had taken on an apprentice, Didier, who was coming along nicely. The likable lad only came in three days a week but Daniel found that he enjoyed the companionship after being used to working alone for the past few years.

Didier was obviously very keen and proved quite adept with the more difficult stitches that Daniel had been teaching him. Daniel also found Didier quite attractive, with his light-blond curls and lovely hazel eyes, but had managed to mostly banish any illicit thoughts for his apprentice. It just wouldn’t do to complicate their fledging working relationship…not that he wouldn’t have minded if they’d met elsewhere.


The rogue notion intruded once more into his self-reflection. He was starting to get annoyed but then took a moment to consider the possibility that he’d happened upon the very solution he was searching for.

Daniel pondered that since he had put in so much time improving the outerwear of the gents of this fair city there was no reason at all why he couldn’t create something for them to wear underneath as well. He had been dissatisfied for quite some time with the direction quite a few of his favorite brands seemed to be headed, especially the disturbing trend towards excess padding and compression garments. Frankly, it amounted to false advertising on behalf of the wearer. Certainly, there had been a few occasions when he’d been disappointed to discover the attributes that had attracted him were naught but smoke and mirrors.

Thankfully, his success as a tailor had given him a healthy bank balance and he certainly had the savings needed to start such an endeavor. Of course, there were all sorts of factors to consider but it seemed like a reasonable undertaking with which to occupy his time and inject some new vitality into his life. Daniel resolved to talk it over with Adam after their gym session the following evening. He very much valued his best friend’s opinion; always finding Adam’s input helpful and he had often used him as a sounding board.

* * *

The following evening, Daniel was tidying up a few odds and ends in his shop before closing for the day, when the little silver bell above the front door jingled.

“I’m very sorry but...” Daniel stopped mid-sentence. He had looked up to discover a strikingly handsome gent with a tall, muscular build, standing in the entryway.

“…we are about to close for the day,” he continued, upon regaining his professional composure. There was something intriguingly familiar about the swarthy stranger. Daniel knew that he had seen those chiseled features and penetrating brown eyes somewhere recently, but for the life of him couldn’t think where.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll call back in another time,” replied the stranger. And with that he was gone.

The young tailor stood motionless staring at the empty doorway for a few moments before shaking his head and admonishing himself for acting like a lovelorn teenager.

Honestly, Daniel!

Daniel hastily finished up and after one final check to make sure everything was spick and span he locked up and made his way to his car. The young tailor was soon on his way to meet Adam at Sweat Station, after first swinging by his apartment, to exchange his habitual three-piece suit for more appropriate gym attire, of course.

Underwear Maketh The Man


EBook ISBN 978-1-911478-06-5

Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 120 pdf Pages / 22440 words

Gay, Erotic Romance, Drama

Heat rating: 4