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Is our capacity for love infinite?

Nash Burroughs doesn’t think so. And he should know. He’s seen love from all angles as the late-night manager of gay sauna Full Steam Ahead. He knows all about cheating, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, and how fleeting relationships can be. He’s even had a few himself but, then again, too few to mention. And those were a long time ago. He knows love is an illusion. He also knows Valentine’s Day is one of the worst illusions of all, especially at the sauna on that particular night of the year. It would be the same this year except for the semi-conscious body he finds slumped in the shower covered in puke and tears. Damon English is the sweetest twink Nash has ever laid eyes on. What’s more Damon is a firm believer in that old adage love at first sight, and he thinks Nash is just the right choice as his future husband. Except Nash doesn’t agree. That little hurdle is not going to stop Damon. Both men will have their preconceptions tested severely before the next Valentine’s Day rolls around.

All Out of Love


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length:  pdf Pages /  words

M/M, Romance,  New Adult

Heat rating: 3