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The heavy mahogany door shut behind Mathew with a loud clunk that immediately muffled the intrusive sounds of the outside world. Matthew’s heartbeat quickened. It had been an age since he’d been in this position and he was so glad of the privacy and protection afforded by the thick door and solid walls. It all felt very familiar…the darkness, the relief of spilling one’s secrets and the prospect of being cleansed once more. Who’d have thought that after all this time he’d willingly be in a confessional with a priest about to recount all his sordid sins?

Matthew couldn’t even remember the last time he’d been inside a church, outside of visiting them whilst on vacation…and that was more to admire the architecture rather than due to any latent religious calling. His ‘lifestyle’ was not particularly conducive to the type of worship he’d grown up with. These days Matthew’s Sunday morning rituals involved brunch with friends and recovering from the indulgences of the night before, rather than listening to a priest prattle on about the evils of modern living. To say that he had lapsed was something of an understatement.

Matthew knew he had been guilty of straying from the path of a faithful Roman Catholic boy many times over. In fact, Matthew was so far off course now that he may have discovered another country altogether. All that talk of Hell, fire and brimstone, had scared the crap out of him when he was younger, but if it was true, then it didn’t sound like such a bad place. Plus, there was a good chance that the majority of his friends would end up joining him in purgatory, so he could still enjoy a bit of a party really…and he had always loved the heat.

Granted, the Catholic Church did appear to be making an effort, with the Pope seeming almost human these days, rather than a relic from a crumbling empire. After all the scandals and hatred they had contributed to mankind it was about time that they made an attempt to rejoin the modern world. These recent overtures of good will, however, still weren’t enough to drive him back to the good Catholic boy mould his parents had hoped for but, of late, Matthew found himself less dismayed by the whole system.

It had been years since his last confession; sixteen, in fact. It had been on Matthew’s last day at Saint Francis Xavier – an all-boys Roman Catholic school that his parents had insisted on his attending. It was an institution filled to the brim with stodgy priests and harsh nuns who all seemed to share the consensus that children were a trial from God that they must bear. All, that is, except for Father Paul, who had been the school counselor as well as in charge of the physical education program.

 Father Paul had always been so forgiving of the antics of the lively adolescents. He was a firm favorite amongst the students, as he actually seemed interested in them rather than wanting to rule them by fear. Matthew’s crush had started with their very first counseling session together – these meetings were mandatory for every student in an effort to counteract a serious bullying problem they’d been having at the time.

Matthew felt he could tell him everything. Father Paul had bright blue eyes that had seemed to pierce Matthew’s soul…ah the fancies of a hormone-fueled teenage boy. Matthew had enjoyed telling Father Paul his hopes and dreams for the future, although he kept the fantasy of what exactly he’d like to do with the beautiful raven-haired priest all to himself.

It was quite the scandal when Father Paul had quit the priesthood and run off with a parishioner, after she had fallen pregnant with his child. Sadly for Matthew, his replacement was a grumpy old man who thought everyone was inherently wicked and seemed determined to punish them all, with a wide leather strap…although he wouldn’t have minded such discipline at the hands of Father Paul.

Back to his current predicament, he had all these secrets bottled up inside that he needed to tell someone. Even better that it was an anonymous man on the other side of a light gauze curtain. Matthew could see the dim outline of the Priest, a big hulking figure in the dim lighting of the booth. The closeness was quite different to the other confessionals he was used to as a youth.

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”

The familiar words spilled from Matthew’s lips in an automatic fashion. “It has been many years since my last confession.”

“Tell me what is troubling you my son,” replied the Priest.

“I don’t know where to start Father. There have been so many sins.”

“Take your time, my son.  I am here for as long as you need me.”

Matthew started to think back upon all the ‘immoral’ things he had done in the years since his last confession at the age of seventeen. Matthew had committed the little sins, of course, such as white lies to spare people’s feelings. After all, he was only being polite when he had told his mother that her new gray dress most definitely didn’t make her look like a hippo gussied up for a night on the town.

Matthew knew that while he hadn’t killed anyone, or even intentionally caused anyone harm, he had still perpetrated each of the seven deadly sins fairly regularly. As he thought back, the stories started tumbling from him in a cascade of vice and naughtiness. Matthew became so lost in the memories he was barely aware of recounting everything in vivid detail for the Priest.

Love the Sinner


Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 110 pdf Pages / 20784 words

Gay, Erotica, Multiple partners

Heat rating: 5