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Jamie lay awake listening to unfamiliar night sounds. Tears rolled down his cheek as he realized this night would be the beginning of many, many more. He tossed and turned until finally a restless sleep overtook him. He woke in surprise as a hand clamped over his mouth, stifling Jamie's exclamation of surprise. His frightened eyes looked up into a face, partially covered by the night shadows. Dark black eyes glared menacingly at him and the stench of tobacco breath assaulted his nostrils. The hand pressed over Jamie’s mouth while the guy straddled his chest, his slightly larger bulk pinning the boy beneath him.

He spoke rapidly in a raspy whisper. "Let’s get right to the point faggot! They tell me you’re queer! The guards tell me that your one beautifully tight assed American bad-luck smuggler! You'll wanna be my friend here boy and you'll tell me the truth because if you don't I'm gonna break your pretty black ass in two!" The fierce voice was only slightly above a whisper but Jamie heard him loud and clear. Spittle sprayed from his mouth into Jaime’s terrified face.

“Shake your bloody head if you can’t talk. But tell me the truth. Are you a faggot? Not that it’s going to make a difference. All the new booty in here belongs to me.” Jamie nodded, afraid the man would carry out his threat if he did indeed attempt to lie. His assailant pulled back and slapped Jamie hard across the face. Jamie covered his face in fear and terror, mistaking the passion he saw in those eyes for something more dangerous.

“Ha, I thought all black Americans were tough gangsters! You’re just a pussy boy and you know what we do with pussy around here? Get out 'a the bed, queer. I want you to meet me in the showers. Do it now and be extremely quiet. Because if you don’t....” He left the threat unfinished as he leapt off the bed and turned down the corridor.

Tears of anger and frustration rolled down his cheek as Jamie climbed out of bed, rubbing his sore cheek. Jaime wasn’t the ordinary black thug but a college grad, a teacher of languages. Academia had weakened him, otherwise he never would have made such a stupid mistake. Jaime climbed out of bed still in his underwear as he walked down the corridor toward the showers, not knowing what to expect.

The showers were part of the large bath and toilet facility decorated by time and neglect with peeling plaster and rusted pipes. Cobwebs accented walls brown with age and dirt and the occasional turd flung there in hapless revolt. The stench was almost unbearable. The plumbing was years old and in desperate need of repair. Stifling his urge to vomit and flee Jamie stood in the doorway of the tiled showers looking. He saw the man standing against the yellow tiled wall in front of the open door. The guy rubbed his hands over his impressive and nearly naked body, caressing his balls and fondling his horse cock through his boxer briefs.

“Come in, you little American faggot, and pull the curtains behind you!”

Prison Boy Toy


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 40 pdf Pages / 5700 words

Gay, Drama, Power Exchange,

Heat rating: 5