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Simon squirmed restlessly in the back of the church. With his hymn book open on his lap, his mind was elsewhere. He was finding it impossible to concentrate on the words, much less their meaning. His fellow parishioners raised their voices in praise of the Savior while Simon adjusted the tightness in his crotch. He felt the hardness in his trousers advertising his guilt

Outside the gothic-style church, the rain beat relentlessly against the stone masonry, sounding like marbles being tossed randomly against the stained glass windows. In the distance, he could hear the thunder rolling in from far away, then crashing fearfully above the church, the accompanying flashes of light bathed the stained glass saints in an eerie glow. Their eyes focused on him, aware of his guilt, and his secret passions. Penance for Simon was long overdue.

Father Bryan smiled benignly at his attentive flock. He was well aware of the dashing figure he presented at the altar. Behind him, a seven-foot crucifix reinforced his power, giving him the validity he so desperately needed. He raised his fist above his head to drive home the hardened edge of his sermon. No one sensed his distraction. His eyes swept over the pious faces in search of Simon, huddled alone in the back pew.

He knew the difficulty of Simon’s struggle to hide his impatience with what seemed like an unusually long sermon. The poor lad must have sinned grievously to be this impatient this soon.

Father Bryan could feel the familiar stirrings whenever he thought of Simon. He decided to make an early end to his sermon.

Finally, Father Bryan said his good-byes to his parishioners, shaking hands and smiling warmly as he ushered them hurriedly through the huge oak doors and out into waiting cars and the rain.

Simon, apprehensive and quiet, walked down the aisle taking his place in the first pew. There he knelt quietly and waited for the sound of the closing of the large oak doors. That would be the signal that they were alone at last.

Father Bryan locked the doors and walked briskly down the aisle. He did not acknowledge Simon as he passed the kneeling parishioner. The young man would receive all of his attention when the time was right. Straight and tall he stood. With his legs astride, he raised his arms above his head and muttered a silent prayer. The thunder and lightning added weight to his presence at the altar.

Simon felt his heart swell and his muscles tighten at the veneration he felt for the holy man. He reveled in the slight tinges of fear that gnawed at his stomach. "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned grievously and I must serve penance." Softly as Simon spoke, his words seemed to echo off the walls of the empty church.

The Father instructed him to rise from his kneeling position. Simon got to his feet, quickly and quietly removing his clothing. After folding his clothes carefully and placing them on the bench, he immediately took a kneeling position in the aisle, facing the altar. This was not a new ritual to them. Simon knew what was required of him even before the priest spoke to him.

Father Bryan busied himself with a formally concealed walnut chest that he produced from behind the altar; only he had the key. Only he and Simon were familiar with its contents. After carefully folding the alter cloth that had covered the chest he slipped his key into the lock.

Simon crawled to the altar steps and bowed his head low. His closely cropped afro was cut into a fade and into the back of his head were shaved the words ‘In God’. As he knelt, beads of perspiration rolled down his forehead, further accenting his youthful, innocent beauty. Father Bryan ran his fingers over Simon’s head and with long tapered fingers he traced the sinewy muscles down Simon’s back, leaning forward he let his nails scrape over the crevice of Simon's butt cheeks.

"And what have we done to bring down God’s wrath and pity this week, young Simon?" The priest inquired while fondling the leather riding crop from his chest of toys.

"There was a young man on the train. I talked to him and convinced him to come home with me," Simon murmured softly, his cock already responding to the illicit memory.

"Do continue..."

Dark Side

Excerpt from: Penance

eBook Cover Price: 9.99

Length: 438 pdf Pages / 79362 words

Gay, Fetish, BDSM,

Heat rating: 5