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I splashed like a kid until I was weak from momentary exhaustion. Standing near the bank in the shallow water I just soaked up the surrounding paradise. I gradually noticed the unusual silence that surrounded me. Only the roar of the waterfall assured me that I hadn’t been dreaming when I first spotted the man behind the boulder.

My back was toward him and slowly, I moved toward the bank, making my movements as slow and non-threatening as possible. I easily noticed the mane of white hair against his coppery body. It was the sunlight reflecting off his gold jewelry that alerted me to his presence. It was the sunlight reflecting off his gold jewelry that alerted me to his presence. Certainly we were miles away from the Mayan ruins, yet from the picture I had seen, he looked extraordinarily Mayan; proud in bearing impressive in stature.

Upon reaching the bank, I sat down and wiped the excess water from my body, fearfully noticing my clothing and Seagray were missing. I decided now was not the time to panic. I turned around to face the observer. I brushed the hair away from my face and attempted to establish some sort of dialogue.

He didn’t feel any threat from me obviously as he stepped from behind the boulder and totally revealed himself to me. I shuddered in recognition! He was exactly the man in my dreams, and he was magnificent. Besides the white mane of hair, his skin was as beautiful a copper color as I had ever seen. He was the man in my dreams, right down to the jewelry including new things like the thin chains of gold that pierced his nipples, connecting to the pierced tip of his foreskin. A tanned leather belt encircled his waist, while I felt extremely vulnerable in my nudity.

"Who are you? I'm a friend just vacationing here. I don't want any trouble. What have you done with my things? And where is my horse?"

Remarkably we were both sporting stiff cocks, but although I found him incredibly desirable, I was in no mood to be offering him sexual favors just because we were both bare ass naked.

He raised his hand and shouted something in a language unknown to me. Immediately, three warriors appeared on horseback. They rode quickly and wasted no time in surrounding me, cutting off all avenues of escape. I wondered what kind of bizarre setting I had wandered into. I wished I had followed Turner’s advice and stuck to the mapped-out itinerary.

One of the warriors quickly dismounted and rushed toward me, brandishing a coiled rope. I offered no resistance while he tied my hands firmly in front of me. After testing the security of the ropes, he jumped on his horse and led me away from the embankment.

They were all spectacular-looking specimens, but I found it hard to think about sex under the circumstances. My fear kept me silent and compliant. So far, they hadn’t hurt me. I didn't want to provoke them, not knowing what they were capable of. I gave them no trouble as they led me further into the hills.

I walked and they rode. Seagray succumbed to the gentle handling of one of the warriors, quite content under their expert control. She seemed quite delighted at the change from my inexperienced hand. Luckily I was physically prepared for the arduous climb and the higher we climbed, the clearer the air became. The rougher the terrain, the more grateful I was that I had been given my shoes back. 

Luckily, I was physically prepared for the arduous climb and the higher we climbed, the clearer the air became. There were landings sprinkled along the mountainside. Burnished faces peered out at me from behind protected enclosures. I soon realized that these were cave dwellings, and I was seeing its inhabitants.

The cave dwellers became brazen, showing themselves more as we climber higher. I was looked at curiously by women who grabbed their children as if to protect them from the pale stranger. Only the men seemed unafraid and they scrutinized me thoroughly. Some came up to me and stroked various parts of my body, even my cock, before shouted warnings from my captors sent them scurrying away.



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Gay, Erotic fantasy, Interracial

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