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“Barry! Where the hell is today's mail?” Information he desperately needed would be in today's mail and it wasn't there on his desk as it should have been. One more foul up today and Jamison would have his ass. He loosened his tie and tossed his jacket onto the leather couch. He unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt revealing a hairy well defined chest.

“Sorry boss. Caesar hasn't got up here yet. You want me to call the mailroom?” Barry recognized the irritated tone in his boss's voice, any minute an angry tirade would follow about something he had no control over. Just then, mercifully, Barry heard the familiar squeak of the mail cart.

“Hola man. Wassup?” Caesar couldn't have been more than nineteen but he'd been on this mail run as long as Barry could remember. He had watched the awkward teenager grow into a handsome young man with a beautiful toothy white smile and a body to die for. Unlike other banji boys his age, he had opted to wear form fitting shirts and tight slacks to work, accentuating his buffed body and bulging basket.

Caesar didn't wear underwear and the definition between his balls and the club-like length of his uncut cock were obvious to everyone, especially when he wore light colors, like today.

“Jesus Christ, Caesar! My boss is having a shit fit over the late mail. What kept ya?” Barry quickly helped Caesar sort out Adam's mail, while breathing in the raunchy mustiness of the Latino hunk.

“Well you remember Bob Jones? His last day was yesterday and he came to pick up his check and shit, everybody got talking, you know wishing him well and trading stories and shit....well the time just got away. Hey no big deal.” Caesar said as he handed the rest of the mail to Barry. He smiled in recognition when he saw Adam standing in the doorway, but it faded when he saw that the executive was flushed faced with anger.

“Maybe the mailroom doesn't think my mail is such a big deal Caesar but Mr. Jamison and I do. I don't care what you do in your spare time but you were hired to ....get in here please!” Barry took his mail from Barry and waited while Caesar pushed his cart into Adam's office.

Adam took his seat behind his desk and motioned Caesar to take the chair nearby. Caesar shrugged and sat down. If he was any later with the other executive’s mail, he could blame the additional delay on this pompous ass. He sat down and stretched out. His cock pressed against his thigh, visible beneath his thin cotton trousers. Adam glanced at the mail, suddenly smiling as he set a large folder aside before turning his attention to the cocky mail boy.

“Look Caesar, you've been here longer than me and I don't know how things were before but, we have a time schedule here. I don't think I should be the one to talk to the mailroom heads about your regular habit of getting up here when you damn well please. I called you in here to issue a warning...” Adam couldn't take his eyes off the man's bulging basket and the way Caesar's shirt hugged to his muscled chest and tightened around an obviously washboard stomach.

Hard at Work

Excerpt from: Corporate Game

eBook Cover Price: 7.99

Length: 288 pdf Pages / 52294 words

Gay, Erotic Fantasy, Drama,

Heat rating: 4