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Ted moved slowly. He was tired, hungry, thirsty and confused. His whole world had turned upside down because of bad judgment and a scared horny white boy who had used him for years. He had sold out for comfort and an eiderdown quilt, and liquor. And now he had been thrown back into the mix among his people who most likely would despise him, he imagined. They were as alien to him as he was to them. And now there was talk of freedom. What would he do with this newfound freedom, plantation life was all he knew. The very concept was as frightening to him as his current pain.

Through eyes swollen nearly shut, and a river of pain that flowed through him he was able to make out the fine form of a strong black man. A man with a body sculptured by God and hard work. His details were barely distinguishable, but Ted could make out classic African features and skin as fine and black as velvet. He was dressed only in short pants and his body glistened with sweat. Ted was sick, not dead. Yet he realized that wanting to touch this man now was desirable but definitely inappropriate. He admitted to himself that he desperately needed to feel the touch of another man’s arms around him.

"How...How long have I been here?" Ted struggled to speak. He tried to raise himself up but fell back onto the bed.

"A couple of days...Master Tarelton just dropped you at my doorstep sayin' ‘Blue, clean this nigger up then put him inta the fields.' see I'm kinda the overseer here." Blue grinned proudly at this, his perfect white teeth glistening like ivory against his skin. His eyes were clear and knowing and the blackness of his pupils made him appear almost surreal. Walking over to Ted, he bent over to apply the witch hazel to Ted's cuts that crisscrossed his chest and arms. To Ted the touch was cool, healing and highly sensual. He wondered what it would feel like to feel those thick sensual lips on his sore and bruised flesh.

"Did I...did I have any visitors?" Ted asked, sure of the answer. Blue looked at Ted incredulously, then he looked angry.

"You mean Beau Tarelton ...Funny, I heard he was sent to visit family in Augusta. Don't know how long though, but I heard he was packing for a long stay. I think you had better forget about him and concentrate on getting better. This is gonna sting a bit..." Blue placed more of the antiseptic on the open wounds. Ted grimaced but held still.

"I'm gonna fill the tub with some hot water and some strong soap. You got beautiful coffee skin my brother but ya stink a bit. You get out of them clothes and I'll help ya into the tub."

A Free Man


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 34 pdf Pages / 5000 words

Gay, Historical, Interracial

Heat rating: 4