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“Look at me, Theo. Would you cheat on me?” I did a sort of sexy model turn so he could get a good look at my body. I thrust out my tits, the very attributes Bob always said had attracted him in the first place, and wriggled my ass, which I wouldn’t let my hubby fuck.

He obviously didn’t need to give my question much thought, for he blurted out, “Fuck, I’d have my cock in you every chance I got. You’re fuckin’ gorgeous.”

His enthusiastic response was wrong on so many levels. Yet it soothed my bruised ego as well as giving me an idea. Sure, I wasn’t going to leave my bastard husband but it wouldn’t hurt to get like for like revenge. I sidled up close to Theo. He flinched as if he imagined I was about to castrate him physically instead of just verbally. I moistened my lips and ran my fingernail down the front of his police uniform, right down to his crotch which had bulged dramatically after I asked him what he thought of me.

“What do you do when Talia’s out fucking my husband?”

“I…ah…I usually…” His voice was croaky and he seemed to have difficulty swallowing.

It hit me like an unexpected orgasm. I looked him in the eye. “It turns you on, doesn’t it? You sit here and imagine it all in your mind and probably play with your dick.”

He went as red as a beetroot. I squeezed the outline of his bulge, mainly to ensure he was on my side as well as to check he was sufficiently impressive to get my revenge. I smiled. “I bet you’d like to watch them?”

“I did once,” he admitted. “Talia let me hide in the closet and peep through the slats. That was the only time they did it in our bedroom. Bob didn’t know.”

Suddenly the world seemed a lot less conservative than I’d been brought up to believe. “You didn’t get jealous?”

“Shit, yeah. But then your dick sort of takes over your brain and I calmed down after I realised I’d already shot a load in my underwear without touching my cock and yet I was still harder than I’d ever been before. The mind is a mighty powerful organ, it adjusts quickly, especially when your wife tells you she has no intention of giving up her lover.” He gave me a long stare. “She doesn’t love him, you know. What she loves about him is the sex.”

That made sense, but it didn’t explain how Bob and Talia had got onto the sex carousel in the first place. I supposed that when you marry a sort of unconscious barrier goes up in most people’s minds so they don’t think of close friends in that way. At least that’s what had happened with me. Now that I did look at Theo that way, I saw he wasn’t a bad catch. Not as burly as Bob, admittedly, but he was still a piece of prime beef. Any woman would salivate over him at a party. A sudden thought intruded.

“You’re not gay, are you? You don’t wanna fuck Bob?”

“Would it worry you?”

That response shook me up a bit. Would it?

Nah, but it would certainly serve him right. Bob was always after me to take his big cock in my tush. A taste of his own medicine? I shook my head, smiling at such an absurd idea, although it did ramp up my plans for the revenge I’d wreak on my wayward hubby. I had to be careful, though, that I didn’t push him too far.

Theo gloated. “So, the thought turns you on. Seems we have a lot in common.”

Cops & Throbbers


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

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Erotica, Multiple Partners, Family and Relationships, Bisexual

Heat rating: 4

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