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“Thank you, sir,” I responded politely. “That answers one of my questions. Could you give me a little information as to which would be the top five male frat houses—?”

The ‘sir’ did it. Show a man respect and you’ve got a really good chance of reeling him in. All I wanted was the inside information given to the privileged few.

“Well, young man,” he said, finally looking me up and down as if he were appraising a piece of jewelry to see if it was worth his time. “That depends on whether you mean for partying, academic achievement, or just plain lazing about in a marijuana haze for four years.”

He passed over a handbook which gave basic information about each fraternity.

“I’m obliged sir, but I want the real inside information on the good, the bad and the ugly.”

I could tell by the way the skin around his eyes crinkled that he was amused by me, nevertheless he gave a rundown on each and every fraternity, listing both their good and their bad points, the types of students in each and lots of other unofficial information that was borderline slanderous.

None of them sounded like what I was after. I must have screwed my face up disdainfully at the choice because as I turned to walk away after thanking him obsequiously for his help, he stopped me with, “But…” He looked into my eyes as if trying to work me out. Sighing in exasperation, he said, “You’re a hard man to read, but just this once I’ll take a chance.” Then, as if launching into a pre-rehearsed spiel, he added, “You look like a young man who is interested in the unusual, the off-the-beaten-track experience.”

Did I really?

“No, I’ll rephrase that,” he said. I had an urge to turn around to see if he was reading his lines from an autocue. “You look downtrodden. You’ve neglected yourself, young man. You need to be brought out and I have just the fraternity for you. They are very influential, very secretive, but you will never lack for friends and influence in later life. Their rules, however, are strict and few survive the pledging ritual.

He could see my interest was piqued.

“You must leave your old life and your old values behind. If you are prepared to do that…well, you might just succeed. But there is a price to pay.”

I went back to the counter, more enthused than when I first arrived.

I smiled. This was exactly the information I sought.

“You’re a front-line recruiter for the fraternity?”

“Not only are you very cute, but that hayseed persona you’ve got going for you hides a very sharp intelligence. Let’s see if you can put it to good use.”

That was the first time a guy had ever called me cute. I shrugged. It takes all kinds to make a world.

“Turn,” he said, spinning his finger in the air.

I made like a male model, feeling fuckin’ ridiculous, praying nobody else would come in.

“Nice ass, plump package. You don’t have enhancements tucked down the front of your jeans, do you?”


“A pair of sox, handkerchiefs, tissues.” He leaned across the counter and prodded my bulge with his finger.

“No, it’s all me.”

I could have (should have?) stepped away from the counter but I knew subconsciously that if I broke contact with the guy then any further correspondence about the frat in question would almost certainly not be entered into. He did not remove the offending finger but rather traced it along my semi tumescent cock that was currently engorging because of the attention being paid it.

I had never before gotten hard from the attention of another male, especially not one that could scarcely keep the flaming faggot inside on a leash.

“Oh, honey,” he panted, dropping the façade. “You’re making momma’s mouth drool.”

I knew I was being tested. I also knew what was expected of me. How hard could it be? If I had to pay the recruiter commission by the inch to get the details I wanted, that was life. You get what you pay for. If the value of the information was not equal to, or higher than, the price I paid, then the fag across the counter would require stitches to that rugged face of his.

Spin the Bottom


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Length: 4801 words

Gay, Drama, Erotica

Heat rating: 5

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