Barry Lowe

Rough as guts, tough as nails – and twice as horny.

Alpha males are top of the fantasy fodder food chain. Guys with scars, tattoos and piercings, tough working-class men who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, ex-cons and skinheads who reek of danger and hard, crude sex. These guys are always ready to pop a load: anywhere, anytime, anyhow. In this hot collection of Barry Lowe’s hardest erotica you’ll meet a cross section of tough guys, such as the former prison inmate who breaks into a young student’s room expecting to find his girlfriend who has long since departed. Or the guy, brutally robbed, who runs into his mugger in a supermarket; the intimidating skinhead who lives in the apartment above a frightened gay couple; the razor gang thug who is forced to fight for his life among the debris of the Depression; the graffiti artist who lives by his wits on the streets but whose secret life is discovered by his brother’s violent gang; the plumber who is greeted at the door by a writer dressed in ludicrous drag because he works under a woman’s name; the top notch businessman who resorts to bondage to wreak his revenge on the co-worker he fancies; the builder who tries subterfuge to seduce his workmate and also the man whose house he is repairing; and, the ex-con who will do anything to turn his sister’s boyfriend.

Some of these tough guys are the stuff of nightmares, but they’ll get you good and hard while you read of their adventures.

Rough & Ready was originally published by loveyoudivine Alterotica and includes – Stocks & Shared, Scarface, Ceps Mad about Muscle, The Plumber’s Mate, Climbing Up the Wall, Little Red Rides da Hood, The Dex Factor, Jailhouse Cock, and The Skinhead Upstairs, all previously published as individual eBook by loveyoudivine Alterotica. Climbing up the Wall was first published in Hard Hats: Gay Erotic Stories, edited by Neil Plakcy (Cleis Press, 2008) in a slightly shorter version

Rough & Ready

Excerpt from: Stocks & Shared

I had him where I wanted him, the arrogant little shit; his head and wrists stuck tight in faux medieval wooden stocks, his body bent forward uncomfortably so that his ass was vulnerable to any passing stray cock. And, boy, did that asshole enjoy stray cock, even though he was the bright, golden future boy of Kensington, Cletus and DeCoteau, investment bankers to the financial gentry.

Recently, he had earned the company the dollar equivalent of the Gross National Income of a middling European Nation, after having been with the firm a scant fifteen months. He was a whiz at the market: the stocks he bought turned to pure gold, and those he sold turned to dross. His future was as bright as his Futures portfolio. So, I guess, he had a lot to be arrogant about.

He was demonically handsome. Envy had it that he’d had commissioned a well known artist to paint his portrait and the result was stored in his attic. His thick, burnished russet hair reflected his fiery personality, and his piercing green eyes could see through weakness, scams and bullshit like Superman through brick. To make it even more unfair on the rest of us mere mortals who had to sweat for a living, Mitch Badham was athletic, good at social sports, tennis, golf and squash, aided immeasurably by powerful tanned legs with a dusting of light hair like icing sugar on a cake, and had a package that his tight carefully tailored Armani slacks hugged like cling wrap does to beef in the freezer.

Wealth, adoration, and success stalked him. And so did I.  

What attracted me and got me instantly hard was his incredible sculpted ass. Perfectly round cheeks, full but not flabby, encased tightly enough that you couldn’t help but notice them, especially if you were behind him as, inevitably, I was. I could not compete with the fucker, either in looks, physique, or economic ability. I hated the bastard. I believed I had more reason than most.

I had wanted that molded ass from the moment Mitch, or Mitchell, as it proclaimed in gold lettering on his desk nameplate, walked through the company’s front doors. And because of my preoccupation, no, let’s call it my fixation with that ass, I knew something about it that the folks in the company didn’t: that ass was available to just about any man with a cock. Except me. How did I know? I’d followed it at night to the sleazy dives it visited; I watched countless cum-encrusted cocks ram their way inside, imagining it was my cock servicing that very willing, very pliable asshole.

Now it was helpless in front of me. I ran a finger down the crack, gently pushing at the puckered hole. Mitch struggled, but that merely impaled him further.

He screamed, “Fuck off!”

The same scream that embarrassed me when I’d taken my turn at his anal portal one night at a sleaze venue he frequented when he’d turned to see who his latest top was to be. He recognized me from the office, even though he’d never given me so much as a backward glance there. “No, not you. Fuck off!” he shrieked. “Next!”

Perhaps I should explain how Mitch came to be at my mercy. Well, my obsession…there I’ve said it, and I don’t feel any great sense of relief in my admission…caused my stocks at the firm to plummet. While Mitch was in ascendancy, I was very definitely in descendency. In fact, I suspected that the meeting called for 11a.m. Monday in the boardroom was to seal my dismissal.

I had, weeks earlier, in an attempt to ingratiate myself with upper management, suggested a weekend of company bonding at the Medieval Fair, a tacky theme park across the river in New Jersey. Families could dress in optional costume, play at imitation jousting, as well as indulge in other pursuits such as wenching,  wooing, and eating copious amounts of baked and broiled meats in a draughty banquet hall. Later, they could sleep off the excesses of booze and bonhomie in bunkhouse accommodation, all included in the price of admission. The total came to considerably less than the cost of the CEO’s new Bentley.

Management had, of course, fled to the comfort of their own homes, family in tow, in the late afternoon of the first day. Once they disappeared, I could put my real plan into action. There was a possibility it would lead to my arrest and incarceration, but I was counting on the embarrassment factor working in my favor. Basically, I was past caring. With my dismissal imminent, I was unlikely to find another job in my area of expertise, so why not wreak revenge on my nemesis.

I had fabricated some small infraction of the theme park’s quaint rules, convened a court of Mitch’s equals, if there was such a thing, that I had stacked with people who disliked him or downright loathed his pretty tanned ass, thus ensuring he was sentenced to an hour in the stocks. They also decreed that he be stripped to his underwear for the duration. That decision met with enthusiastic applause from a few of his female colleagues who, after I locked him in, took the opportunity to grab a feel of his package, before whistling in appreciation. It was strictly against the rules of the theme park to lock anyone in the stocks but, hey, it was time to break a few rules, if not throw out the whole book.

As I walked away, leaving him at the mercy of the more brazen female staff members plus a couple of vengeful male members, so to speak, I heard him cursing me and threatening dire retribution. When I returned two hours later, it was nearly dark, with most of the employees already at the banquet hall getting pissed. Mitch was screaming. “Let me out of here, you bastard! I’ll get you for this.”

I waved the key in his face, swatting his ass cheeks so hard he yelled in pain. I yanked his Aussie Bum briefs to the ground and then shoved them in his mouth. Seeing him like this, my cock got hard.

Pulling my belt slowly through the loops of my trousers, I let Mitch see I was serious. When I’d finally extracted the length of leather, I doubled it over and smacked it against my open palm. The sound was worse than the sting. It was originally for show, but when Mitch laughed and snarled, “You wouldn’t dare,” I decided that I would...

ISBN 978-1-60054-699-0

eBook Cover Price: 7.99

Length: 350 pdf Pages / 72000 words

Gay Erotica, Paranormal, Steampunk, Multiple Partners,  

Heat rating: 4