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“Hello, darlin’. Give us a kiss,” some asshole called out of a car as it whizzed by. The occupants of the vehicle weren’t even drunk so there was no excuse for their behavior. Plus it was broad daylight. High noon to be exact. Nowhere to hide.

I was walking down the main street of the small country town of Jameson in the verdant Southern Highlands, leading a motley crew of a dozen bears – the human variety not the furry kind, although these guys had plenty of fuzz to go around. They were traipsing behind me as I tottered on high heels that I still was not used to although I’d been wearing them all morning. I held a small rainbow flag on the end of a stick in case any of my group got lost. As if.

There was no way they were going to separate from the main tribe in a town of rednecks, although it had been gentrified over the past ten years and now had a smart café that served vegetarian food and sold organic produce. It was where we’d had lunch, again as a group, making enough noise to attract curious locals and embarrass the hell out of Con, the co-proprietor and boyfriend of Rodney who’d first set up the store. A lot of boisterousness had to do with the fact Con was the spitting image of a Tom of Finland model minus all the leather but with the outline of a cock that made the group’s mouths water more than the delicious meals.

Rodney was used to his boyfriend being prodded, poked and panted over and merely smiled indulgently as Con took the group’s orders, many of them requesting special meals that weren’t listed on the menu but which usually included his cock, balls or bubble butt. It was borderline sexual harassment and I needed to keep a lid on it.

If the town of Jameson had accepted a gay couple in their midst it was because Con was a local lad and popular with it. His dad was a farmer and conservative MP for the area – a conservative MP that actually believed in same-sex equality since his son had come out at the age of seventeen. Rod and Con had met on one of the tours that I was running as part of the Mardi Gras five years earlier. We’d been parading down the main street of the town, much as we were today, when Rodney had spied Con struggling to load a sack of feed onto the back of his lorry. In being a Good Samaritan, Rodney had hooked the area’s most eligible bachelor.

A frequent weekend commute had consolidated their friendship over the following few months until they decided to commit to the extent Con told his gobsmacked parents of his gender preference and Rodney put his inner city terrace on the market, moving to the country after settlement had been reached. They’d purchased the small café which became popular with tourists and locals alike. The two men were absorbed into the community so that by the time I started bringing tours, and ready money, into the town on a fortnightly basis in the form of gay and lesbian tour groups we were grudgingly welcomed by most, if not all.

Hard On His Heels


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Gay Romance, Drama, Bisexual/Transgender

Heat rating: 3

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