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She’s just looking for a one-night stand.

Eve Pritchard enjoys her fuck nights. The one occasion each week when she treats herself to the pleasures of the flesh and indulges in five star luxury all the way. She has a rule never to fuck the same person twice. Once keeps the liaison impersonal. Twice borders on an affair or, horror of horrors, a budding relationship. Besides which, a high powered career that includes a full social calendar, leaves Eve with little opportunity to build the sort of relationship that will stand the test of time.

Pickup was previously published by loveyoudivine Alterotica. It is a revised version of Just One Night – which appeared in Where The Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica, edited by D.L. King (Cleis Press 2009)

A shiver of excitement coursed through Eve Pritchard’s veins as she entered the cocktail lounge just after six o’clock. A little early to be sure, but Thursday was her special night. She called it her fuck night and she couldn’t wait to check out the talent.

The one occasion each week when she treated herself to the pleasures of the flesh and indulged in five star luxury all the way. From the thrill of the chase, and selecting a likely pickup, to a carefully chosen meal, followed, she hoped, by wild abandoned sex with a stranger. One never knew how it would all pan out. Sometimes the most promising mark turned into a dud, although more often than not she chose well, and just occasionally she hit gold in the most unlikely places.

Once ensconced at the end of the cocktail bar on her favorite barstool, Eve speared a marinated olive from the dish the bartender had brought to accompany her martini and swept the crowded lounge with a practiced eye. No, no, maybe, no. She sighed. Disappointment edging out the earlier euphoria and anticipation. Plenty of eye candy on show tonight but none of it suited her purpose.

Maybe it was time to move on to fresh pastures.

Although she loved this hotel – situated in the heart of financial sector and a popular haunt for the affluent lesbian clientele whom she favored. However, she was rapidly running out of fresh talent since she had a rule never to fuck the same person twice. Once kept the liaison impersonal. Twice bordered on an affair or, horror of horrors, a budding relationship. Eve had no time for relationships; she found devoting all her attention to the exclusive needs of one person incredibly boring. Besides which, a high powered career that included a full social calendar, left her little time for building the sort of relationship that would stand the test of time. There were a surprising number of women like her – women who pursued a career path rather than a life of domesticity or nest building. Then there were the women, who actively sought, and enjoyed, the thrill of sex with a stranger. Eve particularly liked those nights when she hooked up with a kindred spirit.

The need for sexual release she understood. Satisfying the urge to fuck, or be fucked, was as natural as eating or breathing. Eve loved sex in all its many forms and savored those special occasions when she discovered somebody interested in D/s play. Being in full control of the situation always enhanced her sexual pleasure. Most times it worked to her advantage, she preferred the Dominant role, but she wasn’t averse to switching if the right scene presented itself. Eve swept her gaze over half a dozen new arrivals, without finding anything to spark her interest, and had almost given up on the search for her weekly fuck when a young woman sitting alone at the table by the window caught her attention. The blonde looked completely out of place alongside the sophisticated city types. Wearing a simple black dress, minimal makeup, and little jewelry, she ought to have faded into the background, but she didn’t. She stood out from the crowd, a beacon of light drawing Eve like a moth to a flame.


Eve feasted her gaze on the femme, wondering what her agenda was and why she had chosen that particular table.

If you’re looking for action, my beauty, you won’t get any by isolating yourself and staring forlornly into your cocktail.

As if the woman sensed Eve’s interest, or heard her unspoken thoughts, she turned her gaze in Eve’s direction. In the hundredth of a second that their eyes met across the lounge, Eve fell in lust.



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