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A new partner, and a new assignment, turns Kay’s life upside down. Can she ignore the irresistible temptation and concentrate on her job?

Undercover agent, Kayce Brydon, can’t believe her luck when she’s assigned a new partner. Max is sexy, butch, and the exciting lover she’s always dreamed of. Which is just as well since their remit is to pose as a couple to entice the wife of a drug baron into their bed.

Max Stafford can’t keep her hands off Kay, in public or in private. She wants this woman in her bed for keeps but first they must complete their assignment.

Desire & Deception was previously published by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

“Hey, Foxy Lady, you look great.” She whispered my identification code as she kissed me on both cheeks then, disregarding our public location, sealed her lips to mine, cutting off my response. Jeez, this gal sure knew how to whip up a sexual tornado. Weak ass that I am I melted into the kiss, opening my mouth on her command and welcoming her inside. She tasted sweet, like a soft vanilla candy. Her tongue intertwined with mine, silky, sensuous, and so sexy. Moist heat rushed to my crotch. A compelling reminder of my long sexual hiatus. Pity we were in a public place, my throbbing cunt urged me to pursue this sudden desire to its logical conclusion. Max Stamford could fuck me any time she liked and in any way.

She eventually quit the kiss and stepped back to assess me with a lengthy sweep of keen hazel-brown eyes. Easily five ten tall her lean tanned frame carried not an ounce of fat. A dark brown T-shirt and matching plaid shorts accentuated her height. “It’s so good to see you again.” Max smiled, keeping up the pretence of us being long time friends.

“You too, Max.” I subdued my libido and continued her charade for the benefit of any listeners. “Yes, it’s been quite a while since we last met. Are you still a keen walker?” I managed, belatedly, to include the security word from the text.

She nodded and adjusted her hat, giving me a brief flash of short, spiky, dark hair with blonde highlights. “Shall we take a stroll now? I’ve got lots of news for you.”

Max’s idea of a stroll turned out to be more of a fast jog along a steep, densely wooded trail. My chest was on fire by the time we finally left the trees behind and halted on a rocky outcrop with a clear view across the tree canopy. I ignored the view and concentrated on coaxing air into my starved lungs.

“You’re out of condition.” Hardly out of breath herself, Max took a long draft from her water bottle then passed it to me. “I can see I’ll have to haul your sorry ass off to the gym if we’re going to be partners.”

 The intake of breath caught in my throat. “Partners? Since when?”

This gorgeous creature is my new partner?

I couldn’t begin to get my head around the complications this sexy wench might bring to my life both professional and private.

“Today. I’ve just come from a meet with Laxton. He said we’d be perfect together.”

I smiled. “Did he?” Laxton was a wily old fox. I’d known my Uncle Tom all my life, since he and dad had worked together during my childhood. I hadn’t known then they were undercover agents, not until dad died and Tom Laxton came to see me—and recruited me in dad’s place.

“Yes he did. He reckons you’re very good at everything you do. I can’t wait to test his theory.”

I blew an imaginary kiss to Tom for his faith in me. “It’s nice to be appreciated.”

“Anyway, Laxton also gave me details of our new assignment. We’re going after Charlie Brown’s wife. Apparently, the delectable Poppy has a penchant for her own sex, though she’s still in the closet, of course, and relatively inexperienced.” Max grinned broadly, her even white teeth flashing like a toothpaste ad in the sunlight. “I’m sure between us we can change that. According to the latest reports from the people on the ground, the thing our Poppy enjoys most is a threesome with an experienced couple. If we can get her into bed and coming hard there’s no telling what she may let slip about hubby’s little enterprise.”

“So you and I are going to…” Words failed me. The thought of working up close and very personal with this gorgeous sexy butch sent erotic shivers cascading down my spine. However unprofessional my thoughts I couldn’t wait to get her into my bed.

Desire & Deception


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 29 pdf Pages / 5500 words

Lesbian Romance, Erotic Romance

Heat rating: 3