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What is a girl to do when a simple supper invitation turns into a night of seduction?

When sexy femme, Arlene, issues an invitation to supper Jay has no expectations other than enjoying a pleasant evening with her new friend. How will Jay react when she discovers Arlene plans to put her on the menu?

Consuming Passion was previously published by loveyoudivine Alterotica.

I turned away from the table before I disgraced myself by prematurely picking at the feast and gave my attention to her artwork. Like the rest of the room, her pictures followed a theme; mainly abstracts a mixture of vibrant hues and pastel shades all swirled together into amazing fractals yet still retaining a recognizable image. In addition to the abstracts, something else caught my eye—the striking pen and ink study of a nude stood out by being completely different from all the other pictures.

Was it of Arlene?

Impossible to tell, with the head turned away although the artist had drawn every other feature of the seated figure with great attention to detail. I moistened my dry lips and let my eyes trace the erotic pose to the focal point between the model’s thighs.

Did the flowing tunic Arlene wore hide this delectable frame?

I couldn’t wait to find out. My body thrummed with the euphoric anticipation of sampling those generous tits or burying my face in that exquisitely inviting pussy.


What am I doing?

Before I recovered from the shock of finding myself contemplating sex with a woman I hardly knew, Arlene returned carrying three dishes with the skill of an experienced waitress. She placed them on the table then dropped easily onto a cushion. I willingly banished all the erotic thoughts from my mind, crossed the room and followed her lead.

“Will you do the honors?” Arlene passed me the bottle of champagne. I popped the cork and aimed the foaming wine at the two flutes she held ready. Seeing the white froth erupt from the narrow opening set my thoughts racing towards a spontaneous orgasm. Heat flooded to my core and my insides pulsed, hungry and impatient for action. I reached around her and returned the bottle to the ice bucket my arm brushing her bare shoulder. At that point, I could have done with an ice bath myself. Her proximity did things to my body I’d almost forgotten. She handed me one of the flutes, and we toasted each other then she took a sip of wine, meeting my gaze coquettishly over the rim of her glass. Arlene’s sexy smile offered unimaginable delights if I chose to take up her offer.

Arlene broke eye contact then set her glass down. “Let’s eat!” She pointed in turn to the recent arrivals. “From right to left are spicy ribs, Thai fish cakes, and the skewers hold marinated chicken with satay sauce, all homemade.” She handed me a plate, together with a pair of chopsticks and a narrow two-pronged fork wrapped in a napkin. “The rest I’m sure you can fathom out for yourself. Dig in!”

With hunger gnawing at my insides, I needed no further urging from this kitchen Goddess. While I always enjoyed eating good food, my cooking skills were limited to the basics. The chance to indulge my palate on this scale came about rarely.

We ate in silence for several minutes, each dipping into whatever took our fancy until I glanced over and caught Arlene watching me intently. Once she had my full attention, her deeply intense, alluring, expression held me captive while she speared a tiny Thai fish cake and dunked it into the bowl of dipping sauce, letting the excess drip off before lifting it close to her mouth. Her full red lips parted slightly then her tongue darted out to circle them in a sensuous gesture before, with a quick flick, it snared the succulent morsel and took it inside her mouth. Finally, she licked the juices off her lips and sighed. These deliberately provocative actions lit a fire in my belly. I wanted her to treat my clit with the same relish, to feel her tongue sweeping across my sensitive flesh, and to experience the exquisite delight of it doing wonderful things to my overheated body. My pussy immediately drenched in the moist heat of desire.

Consuming Passion


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 36 pdf Pages / 5191 words

Lesbian Erotic Romance

Heat rating: 3