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Dominique’s brow creased in concentration as he squeezed the last drops of thick, white cream out of his sac and onto the top. It looked good enough to eat but he resisted the urge, which was a good thing, seeing as he’d been working on these cupcakes all afternoon. He wanted to make sure everything was absolutely flawless and that included having impeccably frosted blue velvet cupcakes – the perfect shade of Tardis blue to appeal to Ben’s geeky side. He’d been planning this night for months now. To say he was nervous was an understatement, but he hadn’t gone wrong following his heart so far and hoped tonight would be no different.

Being the proud owner of a successful patisserie café was not something you’d expect on first glance at this handsome, thirty-one year old Greek god of a man, with his jet-black hair and striking green eyes. Preferring to remain neatly clipped elsewhere, his only concession to his more hirsute heritage was a rather hairy chest. Truth be told, he was more of a Greek/French hybrid; the French spelling of his name, down to the influence of his mother, was a rather telling clue.

That being said, he much preferred being called Dom, given that hearing his full name tended to remind him of being in trouble as a little boy. He didn’t begrudge his French legacy in the slightest, and even appreciated being forced to learn the language as a child – it had proved more than useful when picking up lovers and whispering sweet nothings with his foreign tongue while slowly grinding into their willing asses. Admittedly, he never had much trouble attracting the attention of men and women alike, despite not being interested a great deal by the latter.

Ben had been his best friend since childhood and was now his trusted partner in business and life. His pale skin contrasted wonderfully against Dom’s darker hue, and with a silky-smooth, ripped body that belied his geeky accountant exterior, it was hardly surprising that Dom found him irresistible. Then there was his beautifully proportioned bubble butt, which practically begged to be grabbed, licked and generally ravished. Ben was happily versatile but much preferred to bottom if Dom’s eight inches of juicy, uncut meat was on offer.

Ben had been a constant companion going through all their firsts together; school, puberty, and mutual masturbation… working their way up from playing with toys to each other. One of Dom’s fondest memories was the camping trip where they had finally gone all the way – several times in fact. It was a wonder they hadn’t startled the wildlife with all the ruckus they’d made. Of course, they’d both gone on to have numerous flings, fuck buddies and boyfriends over the years, but they had always been there for one another. Especially when they’d both been single.  

Their feelings had always been there in the background simmering away, but the timing had never been right. That aside, they often spent a late night together going over the finances, followed by vigorous de-stressing sessions that left them both truly exhausted, but sated. Eventually they’d realized they both wanted to be more than friends, as their encounters had taken on a definite romantic tone… a look across the counter, a lingering gaze in the office. Dom loved every inch of Ben, from his curly brown hair to his big, thick feet and everything in between. It wasn’t long after that realization that they’d taken the big step of moving in together; seeing as they already spent so much time together it wasn’t too big an adjustment. Dom remembered clearly the moment, about three months earlier, when he’d known he wanted to marry this marvelous man.

Dom’s Delights


Print ISBN: 978-1-909934-86-3 Cover Price: 12.99

eBook ISBN: 978-1-909934-87-0 Cover Price: 4.99

Length: 248 pdf Pages / 53410 words

Gay, Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners

Heat rating: 4