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Around midday, the happy couple made their way down to the dining room for the pre-wedding brunch. They had invited their immediate family, who were all more than happy to attend. Dom’s parents, Nick and Elodie, were there with his two older brothers and their wives and children. Dimitri, his little brother, hadn’t yet made an appearance. Ben’s parents, David and Ruth, had arrived with his sister Beth and her husband. Ben’s other sister, Angela, was also there with her son, Dylan.

Sadly, neither of the couple still had living grand-parents, who, despite being of an older generation, had been for the most part rather liberal and would have relished the chance to see their grandsons get hitched.

Ben’s mother, Ruth, had always suspected that there had been more to the exceptionally close friendship of her son and Dom and wasn’t surprised when they’d both come out and later began a romantic relationship. When they’d announced their engagement she couldn’t have been happier, as she’d always thought of Dom as another son. Ruth was so pleased that she had started gently enquiring, at their engagement party, as to when they could be expecting some more grandchildren.

Their fathers had worked on the docks together for the last thirty years and their families had been entwined ever since. Of course, they had occasionally joked about some of their kids getting together but hadn’t quite bargained on the eventual pairing.

In fact, both families had always been overwhelmingly supportive, although it was hardly as if Ben and Dom had been the first gay gentlemen in their respective families. Indeed, Ben’s great uncle Flynn, whom he’d met a few times when he was little, had been of the same persuasion, and had had a long-time partner who he’d sadly been unable to marry. It made Ben glad he lived in a more enlightened time.

Adam, Steve, Seb, and Thomas ended up catching the same elevator down to the dining room, seeing they were staying on the same floor. Unsurprisingly, they were all in very good moods given their morning activities and the approaching weekend festivities. Andy and Max had been invited too but they had offered to keep the café open for the day so that it only had to close for a few days over the weekend. Dom and Ben very much appreciated their efforts and had planned to give them extra holiday days to repay their kindness.

Thomas and Seb were chatting with Ben, drinks in hand, when suddenly James walked into the room and came up and gave Ben a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Ben turned back to the boys and introduced James as his old college roommate who’d just moved to the city. Ben noticed the somewhat sheepish, embarrassed looks between the three of them and soon put one and two together to make threesome.

“You dirty little fuckers. That didn’t take long, did it?” he joked with them and they all laughed breaking the awkwardness.  

It was then that Dimitri walked in, accompanied by Jay – the stripper he’d met at Dom and Ben’s bachelor party. Seb recognized him straight away and nearly choked on his Mimosa, but quickly recovered his composure. He hadn’t realized that the duo would have kept seeing each other after the bachelor party. Seb had only arranged for the stripper to hook up with Dimitri and distract him from the deviancies he had planned for his brother, not for them to start dating.

It turned out that Dimitri and Jay had a lot more chemistry than just the sexual kind. Their drinks after the party had led to a sleep over, followed by several more catch-ups where they chatted as well as fucked liked oversexed teenagers. Dimitri learned that, far from being just a ditzy erotic dancer, Jay was actually studying medicine at the local university and had found that stripping was far more effective at paying off his student loans than a job at Starbucks.

Dimitri thought that Jay might baulk at the idea of being his “plus one” so early into their relationship but it felt like they had known each other far longer than just a few weeks. Indeed, both of them seemed quite smitten and had found themselves in the same unexpected position as Seb and Thomas…taken unawares by a relationship that involved more than just their creative use of their cocks on one another. Not to say that it hadn’t been the driving reason for the initial attraction for both couples – one can’t fight nature after all.

After introducing Jay to his family, Dimitri brought him over to Ben and the boys. Seb was momentarily confused when Dimitri introduced his companion as ‘Jay’ seeing as he had been going by the name of ‘Brock’ at the gentlemen’s club - Stallions. Ever-adaptable Seb used the new name without missing a beat and didn’t particularly feel the need to mention to Ben and Dom his role in Dimitri’s new romance.

Dom and Dimitri’s mother, Elodie, was impressed with the very handsome man her youngest son had brought along with him. She even asked Jay if he’d ever considered modeling. Now that her boys were all grown – and big boys they all were – she was starting up an agency using the contacts with whom she’d kept in touch.

Jay was flattered and told her that he’d consider it; it wasn’t like he had an issue being treated like a piece of very edible meat, after all.

Seeing that all their guests had arrived, Dom and Ben started moving everybody over to the big, round table that had been set up for them. James sat himself next to Seb and Thomas so that they could continue chatting. The boys discovered that he was a former marine, had just moved to town and was looking for work as a personal trainer. Steve, who was seated a few places around the table, overheard the conversation and said that he was actually looking for some more trainers to fit into his gym’s schedule.

Truth be told, Steve was always on the lookout for more talented eye-candy with which to fill his gym. He had to keep his clientele pleased after all and the fact that he insisted on a private session with every new trainer was something of a side benefit. Steve asked if James had time later that afternoon for an informal interview, to which James hastily replied in the affirmative. They organized to meet in the hotel lobby later that afternoon, both of them very much looking forward to it.

Dom’s Delights 3


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Gay Erotica, Romance, Drama

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