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Beads of sweat ran down Dom’s broad, bare back, as his warm hands moved at a frantic pace, getting stickier by the moment, but he was determined to get his sweet reward.

The young pâtissier was hard at work at his café – naked, bar his tight, white apron – busily trying out different cake recipes ahead of his fast approaching wedding. They’d settled on a date for early summer, figuring it would give them almost a year to plan their perfect day, but it still seemed like the days were flying by at an alarming rate. Their lives hadn’t been exactly quiet of late, what with organizing the wedding and searching for a new apartment they barely had enough time to choose centerpieces, let alone fuck – not to say Dom didn’t hungrily jump on Ben whenever the opportunity arose.

It wasn’t an unusual occurrence for him to be cooking in this manner; indeed his staff quite enjoyed the view when popping into the kitchen to grab something or other for the café. At present, he was in the middle of making a White Chocolate Vanilla Speculoos Cheesecake. The kitchen was like a sauna and the perspiration was dripping down off of his meaty, masculine form as he stirred the sticky mixture with his favorite wooden spoon.

Ben was passing by the door when he spied his fiancé’s firm, muscular ass being beautifully framed by the apron and couldn’t resist the temptation for a closer inspection. He dropped to his knees and stared at it, salivating, before leaning in to show his appreciation.

Dom was so engrossed in his task he didn’t hear Ben come in and only became aware that he had company when he felt two masculine hands spread his ass cheeks, followed by a tongue starting to gently probe inside. Dom wasn’t too startled as this wasn’t the first time, and no doubt wouldn’t be the last, that he’d been interrupted this way.

As he ate with increasing passion, Ben unbuttoned his sky-blue business shirt, exposing his defined abs and chest. Dom pushed back allowing Ben to work his face deeper into the moist, warm hole. Ben reached around under the apron until he found Dom’s increasingly hard erection, rubbing his fingers over the cockhead, which was slick with precum. Dom moaned louder as Ben continued to eat his ass with gusto while lightly stroking Dom’s cock. Ben kept on happily eating this manly treat, enjoying the sounds of pleasure emanating from his beau.

As much as Dom appreciated the attention he wanted more. He spun around and pulled Ben to his feet, kissing him deeply as he undid Ben’s black trousers and freed that delightful dick from its confining wrapping. They kept kissing as Ben’s trousers and underwear fell to his ankles and Dom cast his apron to the side. Dom’s hands moved all over the smooth skin of Ben’s deliciously defined back and buttocks. They slowly sank down to the floor, rolling around together on the white tiles. Ben kicked off his shoes and trousers so that they were completely naked, wrapped up together in a hot, loving embrace; their sweaty, muscular bodies writhing together in pleasure as they made love on the kitchen floor. Dom maneuvered around so that they had their faces in each other’s crotches and the cocksucking really began in earnest. Despite their many years together, the passion between them was just as strong as it had been when they were teenagers having a sneaky shag during one of their many sleep overs…the garden shed in Dom’s backyard in particular had been one of their favorite secret spots to play.

Dom’s Delights 2


Cover Price: 2.99

Length: 90 pdf Pages / 16145 words

Gay Erotica, Romance, Drama

Heat rating: 4