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His love life is hanging by a thread.

Timid office worker, Joel Hackett, is the object of bullying, particularly by company alpha, Rod Austin. It promises to get a whole lot worse when the department is ordered to attend a week-long team building exercise that includes physical activity such as rock climbing, paint ball, white water rafting, and enough strenuous open-air role playing to bring on Joel’s asthma. He believes himself so physically inept that he’ll be an even bigger laughing stock at the end of the week. He even contemplates resigning to avoid the indignity. But, with the help of sympathetic Australian instructor, Ross Woolley, Joel discovers talents he hadn’t realized he possessed. Now, if only he could get the bronzed Aussie to see what’s in his heart.

Bloke on a Rope


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length:  pdf Pages /  words

M/M, Romance,

Heat rating: 4