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Breeding my Boyfriend

Barry Lowe

Revenge is a dish best served in cuffs.

Even though Costa works days and his boyfriend Jessie works nights, their relationship has survived for over a year. They have sworn undying fidelity to each other so when Costa discovers his boyfriend is cheating, using the daytime hours for his assignations while Costa is at work, he plans a diabolical revenge. It involves a bit of discipline, a sling, wrist and ankle cuffs, and a lot of pain.


eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 60 pdf Pages / 11310 words

Gay, Group / Orgy / Menage, Drama

Heat rating: 5


WTF? I awoke to the strains of some raucous pop tune getting louder and more insistent. It took my mind a moment or two to process I was at home, in my bed, and it was the middle of the night. Okay, that last item I wasn’t totally sure of as yet as my eyes hadn’t focused enough to read the blur of red figures on my digital clock. I grabbed my reading glasses, managing to put them up to my eyes. Not quite the middle of the night but one-thirty in the morning is close enough in my book.

The tune from Beyoncé or Björk or one of those divas with a squiggle above her name finally stopped before I could ascertain where the sound was coming from. Pop music was not part of my usual lifestyle at this hour of the morning unless my body was vertical in a crowd of likeminded semi-naked men at a club or a bar. As I was horizontal and I knew I hadn’t been drinking or dancing or drugging, ergo I wasn’t face down in a bar so I must be in bed.

A loud ping alerted me to the fact I had been correct in assuming the music was the ring tone on a mobile phone. The ping not only confirmed that and the fact the caller had left a message but also the whereabouts of said phone. I knew it wasn’t mine because it lay on the bedside table as sleepy and unlit up as I wished I was. No, the sound came from under the bed.

I almost fell out of bed retrieving Jess’s cell phone and I was about to place it on his night stand when I glanced at the screen. It was still illuminated and I noticed the message was from Sean. We didn’t know a Sean. I knew all his contacts and suppliers by their first names but Sean had never been one of them. I even knew the names of his gym buddies. Perhaps Sean was an actor he’d recently befriended because he was always heading out to auditions for this small production or that indie short movie. Most of the short films he made sank without a trace, mainly because they were student projects for college. He was always promising to get some for his show reel but time was his enemy and he never got around to it or the student had left film school without a forwarding address. He could be slack like that sometimes. Surprising when he was so gung ho about his career normally.

Curiosity got the better of me. If Jess realized I’d read Sean’s message and queried me I’d say I inadvertently hit the button as I was retrieving the phone. I didn’t want him to think I was a snoop, although that’s exactly what I was being. Who texts somebody at 1.30 in the morning? Unless it’s important. An emergency maybe? Perhaps someone had been involved in an accident. Needed bail money. I’d tell him I thought it was important. That was my excuse.

The message was succinct. “gr8 2 meet u 2nite b over about 11 2 fuck yr tite ass.” Obviously Sean was hot for the wrong ass. Jess and I are monogamous. It was the deal we struck right from the get go. Should I send him a message to tell him it was the wrong number? I didn’t want Sean to turn up unexpectedly at eleven the next morning at our door while his ‘tite ass’ lover pined away at a different address. That wouldn’t be fair.

I guess deep down I suspected Sean did, indeed, have the correct number. There was an easy way to find out. This time I didn’t attempt to justify my spying. My sanity was at stake. My hands were trembling as I scrolled through messages from the past month, recognizing various names as his contacts for clothes, cosmetics, gym partners, with a few unfamiliar names sprinkled in between. I read the messages at random. ‘yr hot give me a bell if u want a repeat hot ass.’ ‘titest hole evah want 2 fuk u all nite.’ ‘dump yr bf marry me.’ They were all like that. I wanted to throw up. The bottom had fallen out of my guts.