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Lord Kirkland has only one chance of escape…trouble is, it looks worse than death.

Leaving it too late to flee to France on the last Boat Train to Paris, Lord Henry Kirkland must evade the authorities until he can get to the East End to find a young inventor by the name of Mortimer Newley who has a steam-powered machine that can fly him across the channel. Mort may be a sight to behold but his flying jalopy is less than prepossessing and looks even more dangerous to life and limb than the authorities. Kirkland, however, has no choice unless he wants to bring ruin and disgrace down on his family. As he and Mort make their way cross country to the channel they find that although they are from opposite ends of the social hierarchy they may have more in common than they first suspected. But that will have to wait as they attempt to outwit the authorities who always seem to anticipate their every move.

Mort’s Flying Steam Jalopy


eBook Cover Price: 2.99

Length: pdf Pages /  words

M/M, Steampunk, Romance,

Heat rating: 3