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Barry Lowe

Summer at Rainbow Cove

Everyone wanted to give him the kiss of life.

Ty Cody is one of the hottest straight studs at Millers Bluff Uni and no one knows that more than his girlfriend, Tina. She also knows he has a wandering eye and when her father decides that she’ll spend the ten-week summer break with the family in Europe – no boyfriends allowed – she hatches a scheme that will stop him from playing around while she’s away. She persuades him to get a job as a lifeguard at a resort. He readily agrees in the hope he can raise enough money to join her before the end of vacation time. When Ty arrives at Rainbow Cove, he’s shocked to find it’s a gay resort. The money’s good but his virginity is at risk because all the hot gay guys have a bet going to see who can get him to come over to the other side.

eBook Cover Price: 0.99

Length: 94 pdf Pages / 18300 words

Gay,  Romance, Contemporary

Heat rating: 2


The trip over on the catamaran should have been uneventful. I was being shunned still, so I was staring off at the city as it grew smaller the farther we traveled. I wondered if I would have been better served remaining there and allowing the others to depart without me. My head was a mass of contradictions, forcing me to suppress things I really didn’t want to think about just then. Things such as Tina, my brother Rhett at the airport because I was now convinced it was him I spotted, and what the hell was going on at Rainbow Cove that Muscles seemed to think was so funny?

I heard the excitement as the island hove into view. Rainbow Cove Resort was but a small part of the island although it was the only inhabited section; the remainder was bush and sand kept as wild as possible for the small amount of native wildlife, meaning there were a few no-go areas, the remainder fenced off for bush walks. I turned to look at what would be my home for the next six months. I whistled in appreciation. The brochures and photos on the web just didn’t do it justice. It did, indeed, look like fuckin’ paradise.

All my doubts and fears disappeared. I was eager to get on with it, although I had no idea as yet what ‘it’ involved apart from my job description as ‘lifeguard.’ In Australia the difference between lifesaver and lifeguard was the difference between voluntary work and paid employment. I was definitely in the paid category.

The hotel rose majestically in a flat area set back from the yellow sands of the beach, protected from the wilder elements by the cove. Hills rose to the back of the complex, and about a mile to the left of the main building was a waterfall, obviously man-made because as far as my reading revealed, there were no rivers on the island. It cascaded in a spectacular fall that would kill anyone who attempted to ride down it. There was also an enormous swimming pool on the right side of the complex, obviously for those who didn’t wish to brave the surf.

The hotel itself blended seamlessly with its surroundings, almost hidden in parts by the luxuriously appointed trees that dotted the verdant lawns. I wondered if they were artificial. Although the building was designed to ape the countenance of Europe’s grand hotels, it still had modern touches such as the glass elevators that rose up the sides of the vast twelve-story structure. There was also a glass enclosed atrium dead center at the hotel entrance. As we got closer to the island we could see internal lifts carrying passengers from floor to floor like busy worker bees, men in livery delivering drinks to people lounging in groups, while a pianist played on the ground floor. I felt totally out of place.

The arm placed around my shoulder shook me from my day dreams. It was Muscles. My immediate response was not to shake his arm off but to appreciate his strength. This was a guy you’d want as a buddy. A guy I definitely wanted to know better.

“Listen, mate,” he said, “Much as the two of us think you’re a prize asshole, we couldn’t let you get off the boat clueless.”

“I guess I was a bit hard on you,” Tink said, then giggled at his double entendre.

I was cautious. “Okay.”

“You sticking to your story you have no idea what Rainbow Cove is all about?” Muscles asked. I nodded. “You don’t know what the symbolism of the rainbow some guys have inked on their arms?”

“I thought they were sucking up to management.”

“Oh, dude. You are so naïve.”

“Much as I’d love to see you fall on that delectable ass of yours…” Tink waited for my reaction to his comment about my ass. I wasn’t biting. “Hm, no reaction. I guess that’s a slight improvement, although I was hoping you’d say ‘Kiss my ass’ and I would have been down on my knees so fast you wouldn’t have seen me until you felt my tongue in your crack.”

“Stop it,” Muscles said. “Don’t confuse the man.”

“Go on then, tell him. It’ll sound better coming from you than me.”

Muscles squeezed my shoulder as if he were a great mate of long standing. I don’t know why, but I liked the feel of the guy. He gripped my shoulder in a mock comradely fashion, took a deep breath, and asked, “Are you ready for this dick-for-brains? Rainbow Cove is a gay resort. There the secret’s out.”

The look of amazement on my face must have said it all. “Gay?”